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[New Music] BloodThinnerz & XaeboR


     The day has finally come. Who else likes extremely heavy Dubstep? Well the LA boys known as “BloodThinnerz” are here to take care of all your heavy Bass needs! The duo have been releasing fire hits for years now. Their intense and violent nature sounds have made their way to some of the most notorious producers in the scene. If you have BloodThinnerz on your flashdrive, you’re in good shape. Not too long ago the guys released a new EP via the one and only Savage Society, a record label that has quickly become home to amazing artists such as Blankface, Aweminus, Benzmixer, and M A Z E. Check out the new Biohazard EP by BloodThinnerz below! It’s nothing short of genius. You can also Purchase the New EP Here!

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     Somewhat of a man, somewhat of an alien breed cyborg from mars, XaeboR is one of the most talented producers we’ve ever heard of. We were a little late on hearing our first song by the San Diego based producer, we even got fried for it on the Riddim Facebook page, but its the support that matters, not when you discovered a producer! The guy is beyond talented, and his new Defiant EP proves it. This guy must have been jacked up on Red Bull because the EP is composed of nothing but heaters. Heater after heater after heater. Defiant recently dropped on Buygore Records, and you know Borgore only brings on the most talented producers around. As far as our favorite track on the new EP, we might have to go with “Belligerence.” Check out the Defiant EP below. Also, if you really LOVED it, you can Purchase it Here today!

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