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Exclusive Interview with Barnacle Boi [DJ of the Day]

Barnacle Boi

 What can I say? I like to support good music. Recently one of my good friends John Cash brought to my attention some deep, strange, yet mysteriously beautiful sounds by a producer who goes by the name of Barnacle Boi. At first I chuckled when I read the name, but as I listen to his newest single “Don’t Dwell” the name seems more fitting than I would have ever imagined. Originally a Carolina boy, gone to Colorado, now back in the Carolinas, we can comfortably say that Barnacle Boi now dwells at the bottom of the coast of the Outerbanks. Or maybe he lives in Charlotte like the rest of us. I haven’t had the pleasure of meet Barnacle Boi in person yet, but I have had the time to enjoy his tunes. I must say, if you’re in a hectic and overly energetic mood today and you feel like taking a chill pill, then load up some of this guys music because he is sure to have you relaxed and thinking in a more technical, logical manner within minutes. Another recent single “up from here” takes a serene approach on what ascension into the heavens would feel like.

  Barnacle Boi has a large category of music – it expands much further than the few songs I mentioned above. Who knows how deep this producer will go? A few other singles that caught my attention include “Mandela PT I, which relates to the title given to the sense that one has a collection of false memories, the Mandela Effect. It seems like he creates music that practically anyone can enjoy, the trapesque vibes behind “w r i g h t s v i l l e b e a c h are somehow relatable. Maybe because most of us Carolina kids have had a relaxing day sipping beer on Wrightsville beach. Last but certainly not least, here’s a special Flip of Linkin Park’s irreplaceable track “In the End.” He also made another flip of Linkin Park’s second track off their album Hybrid Theory, “Crawling.” But wait, there’s more. Want a quick flash to the past? You remember those lyrics “all the things she said, running through my head.” The 2002 single from t.A.T.u got barnacle boi’d big time, click play on below for an instant feeling of nostalgia.

     I can only imagine what a live Barnacle Boi show would be like. The technical, relaxing, and lively sounds mixed in with his strange selection of album art (which reflects on what his visuals would look like), would make for a fun headlining show. The supporting acts would have to equally as mind boggling and unique, maybe Spokes and Cut Rugs? Who knows what the future holds! One thing is for sure, Barnacle Boi isn’t going anywhere – well, he is going to a certain special place, the deep, deep realms of electronic music.

And now, Here’s our Exclusive Interview with Barnacle Boi:

1. Where did you stir up the name Barnacle Boi from? Are you a Colorado gone beach kid?
    I came up with the name “Barnacle Boi” because I needed to come up with a project alias quickly, and Spongebob was my favorite cartoon growing up, haha. And I guess you could say I’m both. I’m back and forth from here and Colorado but I grew up surfing in Wrightsville Beach. I will be moving back to Denver in April of 2018 indefinitely and I’m really looking forward to it.

2. With such a melodic sound, I can only imagine what artists you draw inspiration from, please shed some light on your biggest inspirations in music.
    Ah there’s so many and they range all over the place. Portishead, Massive Attack, Moby, Brothel., Minor Threat, 7 Seconds, Bad Brains, Kid Cudi, Clams Casion, WiFi Boyz, Lil Peep (and pretty much the rest of gothboiclique), Gvllow, Kareful, The Flaming Lips, Coldplay, Arcade Fire, GERM, Craig Xen, $uicideboy$, nothing, nowhere., a lot of old school Triple 6 Mafia, Koopsta Knicca, La Chat, Gangsta Boo, Whispa, Gunkst, Arca, Sam Gellaitry… but there’s so many more haha. My live sets usually lean towards heavier underground rap, experimental electronic, and wave music though.

3. What cities have had the opportunity to get a live Barnacle Boi experience?
I’ve played in Wilmington, NC and Charlotte, NC. Halloween night I will be performing with Rich Chigga in Jacksonville and November 4th I will be playing in Boone with Lavier and friends. I’m currently somewhat limiting the amount of shows I play until I feel I have the proper following to headline a successful show.
4. Do you play any other instruments and incorporate those sounds in your music, or is everything you make production based?
Most of what I make is production based although I have incorporated guitar, piano, and other acoustic elements. I grew up playing all instruments but I don’t currently have them at my demand. I definitely will be incorporating more live instruments as time progresses though.
5. What do you like to do when you’re not making music?
If I’m not making music I enjoy hanging out with my lovely girlfriend, I try to go to shows as much as possible, work on visual art, skateboard, surf, and recently I just got addicted to that TV series “Lost” (yea i know i’m like 14 years late) and I can’t stop watching it haha.
6. Are you into sports at all? Some of our supporters are Panthers fans. Answer wisely.
I’ve never really paid attention to team sports for some reason! I followed Duke Basketball for a year when I lived in Denver but couldn’t really get into it. I dunno, I think independent sports were more of my thing.
7. What does music mean to you?

Music means everything to me. It saved my life when I was 16/17 years old and I am completely committed to it until I die. It’s something I can use to relate to feelings, people, places, etc. I don’t know of anything else that gives me the feelings music does. Being able to create it makes it that much more special to me.

8. Who are your top five Colorado based producers?

I’d have to say the homies Gunkst, Milky.Wav, Brothel., Kases, and M!ngo are my favorite Colorado based producers.

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