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[New Music] DJ of The Day 0050: !TYRO – “Make It Bang”

     As we write our Imagine Music Festival recap covering the best aspects of last year’s insane 3 day music festival, we ran across a track created by Denver producer !TYRO. We don’t know much about the Colorado artist, except for the fact that he like to go HARD when crafting his sounds. His recent track “Make It Bang” reminds us why we love Dubstep so much. It’s because of people like !Tyro that Dubstep is still alive. !Tyro also has tracks with incredibly notable producers such as Helicopter ShowdownEPM, and Point.Blank; our mans is versatile and obviously collab friendly!

     Not only does he produce music under his own persona, but !Tyro also belongs to a production duo that goes by the name of Slabsalso based out of Colorado. Slabs has a few releases under their belt that truly make them put them on the “Ones To Watch For” list of 2017. Their 2 Track Corrupt EP is only a sample of what Slabs is capable of. We can’t wait to hear more. Also, !Tyro just dropped a new banger titled Hardcore which doesn’t even do this fast paced, heavy hitter justice. Listen to Hardcore HERE.

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– Zyven

P.S. Check out SLABS‘ hit bass poppin’ banger, Spooky Party for bonus points.

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