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[New Music] Fiasko – Szechuan Sauce

     As you all know, the newest season of Rick and Morty, the infamous Season 3, FINALLY aired on Adult Swim on April Fool’s Day. The episode was filled with hilarious material such as an obsessions with Shoney’s, multiple evil Ricks, 9 More Seasons and 97 years of adventures, and most importantly, McDonald’s special, limited edition Szechuan Sauce. We found out that this sauce was created with the purpose of promoting Disney’s 1998 film, Mulan, almost 20 years ago.

      What better way to celebrate the new season than making music with samples from the premier episode. We had a good feeling that someone was going to jump on the bandwagon and make a new track featuring some element of the new episode. A producer by the name of Fiasko has created a funky Dubstep track titled “Szechuan Sauce.” This track is filled with memorable quotes from the new episode, infused with dirty bass lines and wobbles that give it that filthy Bass Music flavor that we all love. Needless to say, this track is a banger. Check out Szechuan Sauce below.

     If you enjoyed that track, you can hear plenty of more Fiasko on his official Soundcloud page at Fiaskodaniels. Give Fiasko a Like on Facebook!!!

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