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[New Music] FLIX x MOTUS x QUIET


      Oh hell, here we go again. The French Canadian boys are back at it with a nasty new single designed to rock sound-waves all over the world. I’m calling all the filthiest Riddim Rats around – you all will love this new heater that FLIX and MOTUS just got through cooking up. The graciously heavy tune features a variety of strange, yet uniquely ear popping sounds that are perfect for your crazy chop routines. This is the latest collab from the northern fellas since their triple threat banger produced with 5Ohman titled “Lowest.” I’m very excited for you all to get a taste of what these guys are capable of creating. Looking forward to the next collab! Make sure you stream “Clear Cut” below!

   Hold up, hold up! There’s more. The Akatsuki Chop Music OG, Flix, also dropped a crazy new single a few weeks back that really caught my attention. This tune reminds of Crowell’s older sound from back in the day. The track starts off slow with some accordion sounds joined by a tasy boom bap clap. As soon as Flix finishes up with the first set of bars, he unleashes the wobbles full force as a dark voice joins in for the drop. “HYDRO” is an absolute must for those of you who consider yourselves real Riddim fans, so make sure you hit that FREE Download button today!


  I’m excited to share this very important piece of news with all of you! It has come to my attention that MOTUS just dropped a new 6 EP track with the likes of another Montreal based producer who goes by the name of QUIET.  It’s been a few weeks since MOTUS dropped his last single, Killin It”, so it’s really nice to see the producer release stack of new music., The two have made an alliance to create their latest collaborative project, the Rampage EP. The best part about this new EP is that the homies over at Dark Adversary Audio on are dropping the project for the FREE.

  What originally started off as an old school chopped and slopped Hip-Hop banger soon finds itself spazzing out uncontrollably once the drop hits. Other heaters such as “No Name” and “Steez” show off the talent that these two Canadian producers have put forth for their new EP. There’s a single titled “Resistance” that somewhat reminds me of something that Bleep Bloop would drop on a spun out festival crowd in the middle of the day. Check out the new Rampage EP by these two awesome producers below.

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