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[New Music] Ganja White Night, Dirt Monkey, Boogie T.

Boogie T. & Dirt Monkey

  They finally did it. After witnessing these two talented clowns butt heads on a boat floating around the realms of Atlantic City, we knew the time would come for them to set their differences aside and make some insane music together. Boogie T. and Dirt Monkey weren’t really fighting, so much as they were throwing bass bombs back at each other in an thrilling and highly anticipated B2B set during the Basslantic City weekend event. After goofing off and going back and forth at each other on Facebook, Dirt Monkey, the Colorado native put up a quick clip of something that he and Boogie T. have been chopping up ever since who knows when. 

Recently Dirt Monkey just put out a new banger called “Raw” which puts every song released this week to shame. The guy is a true producer to say the least. Listen to the tiny clip of the collab titled “Beef” and the new single by Dirt Monkey, “Raw” below!




     The Brussels boys are some of the hottest producers in the game right now, releasing mind melting music that breaches barriers of reality. Ganja White Night are true musicians whose craft is by far second to none. Recently they toured all over the country with Boogie T., and allegedly at many (if not all)  of the shows they performed a special reggae themed song where Boogie breaks out the guitar and Benjamin from Ganja White Night gets down and dirty behind the mic singing a the beautiful lyrics that make up “Flava.” We’ve never been so impressed with a live performance. That Charleston, South Carolina show will always hold a special place in our hearts. Finally, the guys released the song via Big Beat Records. Support the boys and Purchase the Song Here Today.

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