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[New Music] Gentlemens Club x OmegaMode


  It’s been a longtime coming, but the day is finally here. I will, NOT ONLY, be experiencing my first rave at Echostage in Washington DC, I will also be seeing 50 Carrot, Solomon, and Coffi for the first time as they open the night away for Zomboy and Eptic. The three UK lads, known as Gentlemens Club have put out so many heaters in the past years such as New Presidents, Fuksquad, Almighty Dollar, and an all time favorite titled Run Up. Now they’ve got a brand new heater ready for the masses to hear! What better move than remix one of the coolest songs of Spag Heddy’s Meatball Mafia EP? This new remix of Oh My! takes an exciting twist that will take you down memory lane to some of the greatest sets that have incorporated this nasty banger. Click play below to hear what the Gentlemens Club has in store for you! Be sure to check out some of their fire singles from earlier this year, such as Jungle, Mo Fire, and Take You Back!

Edit: I’m also very excited to say that the Gentlemens Club remix for Coffi’s infamous track Power Moves has finally been released. It was played at Lost Lands not too long ago and boy was I left impressed by the changes the 3 guys made on this flip. Check it out below.




     Holy moly. I am beyond excited to share with you all a wonderful musician who I’ve yet to cover in the past two years of The Charlotte Sessions’ existence. The fact that this man comes all the way from the far distant lands of Seattle, Washington is cool enough as it is. But when you hear finely crafted music like OmegaMode’s newest hit, Riddim Bomb, you can’t help yourself from showing the heater to all your friends. This single features an array of distinct sounds such as lazers, guns, Metal Gear Solid sirens, piano keys, a ticking clock, and cleanly mixed grungy voices. Do yourself a favor and hop on the OmegaMode Dubstep SS today. Check out Riddim Bomb below! 

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