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[New Music] Iso:R, Dubscribe, & CrashCourse

 Iso:R & Dubscribe

      What do you get when two of Japan’s hottest Dubstep producers link up for a firey hot collab? A wonky, heavy, incredibly insane track designed for only the heaviest fans of intense Bass music. Dubscribe is from Tokyo, while Iso:R resides in Sapporo. The two are growing on daily basis as fans from all over the world recognize their heavy style and relentless talent. This new single “Acala Naatha” is just a glimpse of what these guys are capable of. The new track recently dropped on Play Me Records and can now be heard below! Enjoy 🙂

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     We love it when friends put us on to new musicians. It’s always a great time opening our horizons to new sounds and creations, especially by East Coast based producers. In this case we have that boi CrashCourse, straight out of Pittsburgh, now based in Charlotte. The HPOD Presents resident producer just dropped two new records, which include a beautiful single and an even better original. “Drift” is self produced masterpiece filled with serene piano keys, beautiful strange sounds, and your occasional bell. On the other hand we have a remix of Kinetik Groove’s single “Into Orbit,” an absolute banger if you ask us. We hope you enjoyed all the new music today! Till next time.

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