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[NEW MUSIC] Marley Pitch – Feel Me

North Carolina Hip Hop Artist ‘Marley Pitch’ Does It Again

     When infectious Rap hooks and Electronic Music production styles collide, magic is made.

Greensboro native Marley Pitch has recently joined forces with Cresce to put out a vibey, melodic tune that features an incredible range of sounds that makes you ponder the true genre of the piece. Well, Mija said it best, “Fk a Genre.” Halfway through we found ourselves echoing lyrics to the track as if we had been listening to it for years now. While there’s a slight trap feel, as the snares and claps are brought into the mix, the chimes and piano keys blend in to create a fun new listening experience for experimental HipHop and Electronic Music fans everywhere. Give the new track Feel Me a listen will ya? And if you like it, you can stream Pitch’s new album, I Had A Flying Dream Once here.

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