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[New Dubstep Bangers MARTZ & IVORY

     It wasn’t too long ago that one of Israel’s greatest Dubstep producers dropped a new wompy single so fans all over the world could wonk out and wobble hard. Martz is a 20 year old producer from the Sacred Land who has been perfecting his craft for over five years now. The don has several heaters under his belt, including the likes of Too Many Hoes, Heat VIP, Over 9000, and Truth. You definitely want to check out this new new though. The best part about this release is that it is available for Free Download as a reward for helping Martz reach One Million Plays on SoundCloud. So all you Riddim heads and DJs can go ahead and download that bad boy today. Listen to Stage Killa VIP below!

 Recently, one of our favorite producers from Paris dropped a new EP that completely shattered the internet. Like Martz, Ivory is also one of the prime member of the Wizards Dubstep crew, an undergroud group of highly skilled producers from all edges of the earth. Since his come up as a young Wizard, Ivory has made full efforts to prove that he’s one of the most creative producers in the scene. His new Hacked EP, forthcoming on 193 Recordsa Bass Music label from France, demonstrates that he is capable of making tasteful Dubstep that carries that perfect blend of dancing and headbanging. The opening track Miracle proves to be the righteous intro that this EP deserved. Hacking Time is beyond what you would expect from a dangerous title such as this one. The following single, Reload, is definitely the most ratchet song on the album, if there had to be one. The touch of synths and violins is absolutely astonishing. The final track, Pulse Rate, is solely designed to make you get up and rage. We highly recommend you check out this new EP, and get ready for the release because these songs will be incredibly fun to DJ with.

 If you enjoyed that EP, then you’ll probably like Ivory’s new single, recently out on Never Say Die Records: Black Label. Check out No Regrets today. It’s absolute fuego.

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