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[New Music] Muz — Niko The Kid


   I have so much love for my buddy Muzamil, ever since I met him at the smoke shop when he introduced himself and told me about his music career. When I found out that he was a huge fan of producing House music, I was ecstatic, because so many of my friends strictly produce Dubstep music, and it’s always healthy to switch up your daily track choice, or else you turn into a Riddim Zombie like myself on most occasions. But this new remix of Ferry Corsten and Clairity’s hit single Reanimate that MUZ produced is absolutely phenomenal. It’s much more upbeat and energetic than the original one. If anyone of you are personal friends with Ferry or Clairity, you should definitely send this their way because this man just did them a huge justice. We can’t wait to see what else MUZ has up his sleeve. Expect big things from the Boone based producer as he continues to perfect his production skills that will take him so much further in life than he can imagine!

Niko The Kid

  Man oh man, I asked my buddy MUZ who he has been drawing inspiration from as of late, and he had one very important name to drop, Niko The Kid. About a month ago the Atlanta based producer dropped a high energy EP on Steve Aoki’s record label DIM MAK. This is a big feat for any producer, so for starters, kudos for getting those guys to check out your EP because it is absolutely phenomenal. The intro to the On The Run EP, is title Love Me Not, which features the monotone vocals of Los Angeles based vocalist Shaylen. This isn’t your typical “Cats and Boots” Bass House jam. Well, at least I haven’t heard anyone else using the lyrics “Do you love me, or love me not” in the way that Niko did. Maybe that’s because I’m always listening to Riddim. The follow up track is definitely a dance floor heater. On The Run will have you grabbing your nearest future dance partner out of the blue to get down and boogie. This is definitely my favorite track of the 3 song EP. Niko the Kid closes his new project with a banger as he puts anyone listening directly in their feels. Appropriately titled These Feels, Niko and Shaylen are opening their hearts up to the world. Don’t get them in their feels. Just party. You can stream the On The Run EP below. You can also purchase it here!

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