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   The world of Dubstep just seems to be getting better and better each and every day! The amount of Bass Music crews that have spawned on the internet in the past year has been incredible! Today we’d like to focus on a collective of wonky producers based out of Cordoba, Argentina that recently just dropped a new compilation album to celebrate the worldwide holiday that is 4/20. We’re talking about the one and only Phenethylamine Crew.

The size of this Riddim Dubstep, Drum N Bass, Wonkstep gang is immense. To be exact, the following make up part of the local Argentinian roster of Phenethylamine: Le Muff, Yatuza, DVEKZ, SEVEN ELEVEN, Bitcoin and of course, Emilian WonkOn the other hand, BLUNT, is from Brazil; Empath is from Chicago, Groves is from Santa Cruz, California, Hatsuki won’t tell anyone where he’s from, Invaderbeatz is from London, and Vortex also likes to remain ambiguous.

      Recently the crew dropped their second installment of a 420 Celebration compilation. The album features the likes of almost every producer mentioned above. It has a wide variety of Bass Music tracks; a sprinkle of Drum n Bass, a whopping hefty sum of Riddim, and a dash of Wonk. Our favorite tracks were BLUNT’s Is That TimeBitcoin’s Leimotiv, and DVEKZ’s Smack DatThe whole album is fire though. Bust out a few Games and Optimos and check it out for yourself.

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