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[New Music] Subtronics, Al Ross, & Subfiltronik


    We can’t even begin to express how excited we are that Philadelphia’s Riddim L0rd Subtronics got up with the UK mastermind and complete legend, Subfiltronik to release a brand new heater. We’ve had multiple people hitting us up saying, “Hey… Have you heard Rage yet?” What a way to celebrate his new milestone of 20,000 Soundcloud followers. A few weeks back we caught Subtronics going back to back with Ranga’ and Codd Dubz, which was ridiculous to say the least. We’re very proud of your accomplishments Jesse! Keep climbing to the top! You’re already gaining legendary status by many OGs. Check out the extremely hardcore tune below. Brace up! Also, make sure to check out Subtronics’ other new single “Fire Drill (VIP)” for something refreshing!

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     Naturally we hear the eery voice of LA producer MurDa introducing that new new by Al Ross. We’ve been following Al Ross for about a year now. He stays relevant by putting out fire music like this new track title “Skillz” even if they’re only a minute and a half long. This video game themed Riddim reminds us of all the taunting enemies that you’d encounter in an old 90’s fighting game. If you follow Gram Greene’s crazy life at all, you’d know that the Jersey DJ/Videographer has an unhealthy obsession with sir Al. But who can blame him? Have you seen that face? We’re playing, the two are super tight homies who just love gettin’ down to some dank Riddim.     The two are extremely close friends and we’ve seen nothing but fire footage of Al Ross on the Gram Cam. We also just saw the Californian throw down hard with Gram Greene at the Pirate Massive. It was absolutely incredible. We have a mini video of the throwdown for you guys to watch.

     Be sure to listen to Skillz below, and make sure you give Al Ross a Like on Facebook! Can’t wait till the next time we see you Al!

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