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[New Music] Zeds Dead & Diskord – Blood Brothers


  When you think of the word ‘brother’, what comes to mind? Is it the sibling you have grown up with your entire life? Maybe it is the best friend that has been through hell and high water with you, but has continued to be by your side regardless of the circumstances. Whoever you define as your ‘brother’ is the exact person that Toronto’s infamous duo Zeds Dead, Circus Record duo Diskord, and vocalist Reija Lee constructed “Blood Brother” for. The five artists—DC, Hooks, Hans and Espen from Diskord, and Lee — have been working on this masterpiece for roughly a year, and I am anything but disappointed with the result. The captivating acapella of Lee feminizes the melody so much that you cannot help but tap your foot slightly at first listen. Zeds Dead and Diskord sneak their way into your mind during each riff, and in between the chorus, by tweaking and enhancing the beat by incorporating a much more down-tempo sound. Unlike many Zeds Dead tracks, “Blood Brother” does not hold the hard-hitting bassmentality that the boys are renowned for; instead, it stings your soul with the sounds of piano and the soft touch of Lee’s melodic voice.

Even the lyrics are so easily applied to everyday life:

“Maybe I got plans for you

And you take care of me

My blood brother, fight for me.”

   We spend so much time searching for a shoulder to lean on, and when we find that person that will have our side no matter if we are in the wrong, we consider them family, or in Zeds Dead’s case—‘blood.’

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