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       The 21 year old French producer from the netherworld strikes back. Evil with the beats, chill dude in the streets, you got young IVORY the Riddim Wizard. Recently the Paris based producer linked up with his UK Wizard bro, MED to create a wonky new single for you to freak out to. MED is also a mastermind of the craft of beat making, if you will. But seriously, the guy knows how to play with fire, dishing out hots singles and growing his name in the underground Dubstep community for a few years now. We’re currently blasting this one down the highway, where will you play “Space Vikings” for the first time?


      We have no idea what we’re listening to right now. This might be the most robboty-wonky-machine-android Riddim we’ve ever heard. Well, not ever, we’ve definitely heard some serious wonk in our times, but this tune by FLIX is absolutely bananas to say the least. The guy is a French-Canadian producer who knows a lot about making fire music. Quebec City, watch out, cause Flix is coming to a venue near you to destroy your earholes. Since releasing “DELAYED” about 27 days ago.. Flix has teamed up with Brussel’s 50hman and Sherbrooke’s MOTUS to put together a dastardly tune titled “LOWEST.” We highly advise you listen to these new singles, they’ll give you something fun to chop with! Most importantly, we have even more bangers to look forward to.

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