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Check These New Tunes by: Major Lazer + Moska + Krewella

    We absolutely love it when different artists immerse themselves in the culture that gravitates throughout Latin America, especially in the music! Recently, international sensation Major Lazer, comprised of the likes of Diplo from the US, Walshy Fire from Jamaica, and Jillionaire from Trinidad & Tobago have taken a world renowned track by Latin superstars Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee. Fonsi is a singer of Puerto Rican descent, and Daddy Yankee is an OG Reggeaton artist from Puerto Rico who’s been making hits for well over 14 years now.

      Their newest singleDespacito has hit the top of charts for weeks on end since its release back in January, and the Youtube video has received almost 1.5 Billion views, yes, that’s billions with a B! When Major Lazer realized it was time to create a remix for this master piece, they hit up a young producer from Cali, Colombia to help recreate the dance floor banger. Moska is his name, and he’s a got some unordinary skills when it comes to mixing and producing. Like Diplo, Moska also hosts his own Radio show called Moska House, which gets you pumped from start to finish. Check out the Major Lazer & Moska remix for “Despacito” below.

     The Yousaf sisters, also known as the infamous Electronic duo Krewella, have recently dropped a new single that most of us can relate to. We all want to be there for that one special person that we will always love. It’s hard to keep promises, even if distance brings you apart, this song serves as a reminder that you will always have your loved ones’ support. Heart melting lyrics paired up with a soothing piano solo are followed up by a wild, unexpected drop. We can definitely see this one being played at major festivals this summer. Kudos on the catchy track Krewella! Stream “Be There” below!

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