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  The real life soap opera known as Create. is now coming to a close… But like most great soap operas (I can’t name any), the show never ends. As far as company owners John and Albert are concerned, the party is just now getting started. The original concept behind the monthly Bass music special held in my hometown, Greensboro, NC was brought to my attention almost a year ago, all because of a crazy gut feeling that John had regarding the Underground Bass scene in North Carolina. In these short eleven months. our beautiful southern state has seen neck cranking, relentless NC debuts by artists like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Quix, Subtronics, Sullivan King and Uber, while throwing together some massive shows with Buku in May, Boogie T. and Blunts & Blondes in August, as well as Cookie Monsta and Doctor P in October. One thing is certain, their finale on December 2nd will be one of the greatest shows that the Carolinas has seen to date. Why is that? Because Create took it upon themselves to put together a Firepower Records showdown featuring two of the baddest producers on the longtime Canadian based record label, both of whom have yet to perform in North Carolina.

  All the way from St. Louis, Missouri, we’ve got the likes of mister JPhelpz (no relation to Michael Phelps), a highly talented producer with an explosive taste in creating Dubstep music that will make your brain melt. I recently had the chance to see JPhelpz perform for the first time at Excision’s illustrious Lost Lands Music Festival, where the ‘Biggup King‘ threw down one of the loudest, filthiest sets of the weekend. Joining JPhelpz is a young producer from the other side of the pond, Leeds. Once just a boy exploring the streets of Leeds, one day entered transformation mode where he converted into the skilled, vivid producer that the world now recognizes as Chime. Spend six minutes on his SoundCloud and you will soon realize why Create. is bringing this maniac to the Blind Tiger. Chime will also be crossings North Carolina off his list off the most poppin’ states he’s yet to experience. But wait, there’s a lot more in store.

     The best part about the Create. shows is that they typically feature an exceptional opening act lineup composed of the most prominent, hungry and dedicated DJs and producers in the Carolinas. This time around we have a special performance by the Phazed terror from Eden, DJ Sparattick (we like to talk about Riddim) who will be going back to back with Greensboro tycoon B3ATS Me. By the grace of lord Nectar, we have a bone shattering set between Charlotte’s rising talent monster Jordan Castle along with the experienced Raleigh producer known as Snakko. Last but not least will be a bone-crackin set between Freaky and Devious, two grimey producers from NC who have no filter when they’re up on stage. But the neck wrenching aftermath will only continue to pile as Chime and JPhelpz close out the night. I also want to note that live art by Kayla Riska will be created on site, so be on the looks for that! To RSVP for the Show, click HERE. You can also Save Money at the Door and Purchase your Tickets Today!

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