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An Interview With Dutch Producer OBEY

It’s 2016 and the Riddim Dubstep scene has never looked so good. Maybe because the USA Riddim craze came a little that so many crazy kids are going off the wall when they hear this unique style of bass music. Whether it’s at a live show, or simply just a gym work out, Riddim keeps you moving.

We caught up with a producer from The Netherlands who has a vast category of personal 140 BPM hits on top of a serious collection of remixes for artists like Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Crowell, and Subfiltronik to name a few. We got to talk about a few things like his favorite American producers and Dutch musicians, what kind of programs he uses to make his music, his love for anime and how he integrates it in his music, and his relationship with fellow Amsterdam born producer StynLet’s get to know the Dutch master himself: OBEY.

123 obey

Where on earth are you originally from so I can write a proper article on you?
I’m not from earth, sssh ?
We figured.. So where did your alien parents drop you off when you came to Earth?
Haha. The Netherlands, Amsterdam actually.
Smart parents! Did you attend any University in the Netherlands?
I attended a graphic design school in Amsterdam and graduated.
How did your production career begin and what are your preferred programs for making your tunes?
Started off producing around 2012,I tought myself. I was using a program called Renoise first; not long after that I switched to Fruityloops. Then I moved to reason about a year later because I couldn’t make what I wanted with the other ones.

So Now It’s all About Reason?

     Yes. Reason 5 to be precise, still Oldschool. I should buy 8, that would do my production quality good.
Who Are Your Favorite US producers?
     Favorite US producers, ahh too many to name. Everyone from Savage Society and related are bananas. I dont know man, too many to name. Bommer, 12th Planet, Phiso, and so many other people I haven’t met. There’s so many good producers I would shout out but I don’t even know where most of them live haha.
Time To Get Personal… What’s Your favorite cartoon?
     My favorite cartoon is probably Naruto, i love me some anime from time to time. American dad is amazing too lol.
Do you play any sports, or you know, video games?
     I’ve been skate boarding for years now. There aren’t a lot of skate parks in Amsterdam, so my friends and I like finding the best street spots 🙂 As for gaming, every now and then. PC is the master race.
Have you ever been to the US, if so what’s your favorite city that you’ve visited? If not where would you like to go?
    I’ve been to the states, I basically loved all the places I visited.
Minneapolis was awesome, Chicago too. Man I love the states in general but I think Cali has to be my favorite state. Haven’t been to the East Coast though.
Favorite Netherlands musicians and Favorite non electronic bands and musicians?
     My Favorite dutch musicians are probably Opgezwolle, its a dutch HipHop group I’ve been listening to since I was like 15. My favorite band is BY FAR System of a Down haha. I love their weirdness,
Oh Hell Yeah! System of a Down are Legends! Anything else? 
     Haha I mainly listen to old school HipHop now..
Who were you listening to back in 2012 when you started producing?
     I was listening to a lot of people, usually harder stuff like Datsik and Excision. But also alot of Skream, Benga, Caspa, Rusko, The Others, Emalkay, N-Type and stuff like that, you know, proper dubstep.
How did your friendship and relationship with fellow producer Styn begin?
    My friendship with Styn started when we were both on one of the first editions of 50Hurtz, I think we got talking in the smoking area and noticed both of us were heavily into dubstep and we knew a lot about a lot of artists no one had heard of back then, so we started chilling more often and then at one point he showed me a thing or two in Fruityloops and reason.
You Two Did a Mix for 12th Planet’s SMOG Records didn’t you?
Episode 0033… we had a good time.
Thanks for The Time Homie.
    Look out for some dirty dirty dubs coming from Amsterdam’s wobble terror, Obey all year long. Check out his most recent collection of his after reaching 10,000 supporters on Soundclound here.

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