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[Official Gallery] Boogie T. x Blunts & Blondes // Create. August Edition

What can we say? Create.​ throws some pretty good darn parties. This time around we had some of the South’s baddest performers hit the stage for a night filled with Riddim and Bass.

Special things that happened that night:

Gary Paintin got on stage and rapped his verse on Bleep Bloop​ ‘s hit, K-9 Unit.

Blunts & Blondes dropped some absolute fire Riddim and chugged a Stella with his good buddy, Brock, aka New Orleans’ very own Boogie T.​ before going on a heavy B2B rampage!


With a plant in hand, Boogie T. hopped on stage to drop some hot fiyah on his fans. We heard incredible singles such as Open Up the Pit, Gettin’ Gone, Bouw, and Voco Riddim, amongst others. We also got to see dear friends like Riven​ and his awesome pops, our friends at Pinja​ who always know how to have a good time, that dude Devious​ who always shows up to the party, our buddies BroMosapien​ and Dj Irewl​, the cool guys over at GB Unique Creations​, and most importantly, the kid wearing the “Riddim Or Die” shirt!

 We can’t thank our friends over at Create. enough for stepping up North Carolina’s rave scene. If any dope visual artists/ local & regional DJs want to perform, please DM the Create page and make that magic happen <3 CLICK THE PHOTO BELOW TO VIEW THE FULL GALLERY.

See you all at Create. • Ft. Sullivan King • Official Road 2 Imagine Giveaway​

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–   Zyven

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