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[Official Review] SQUNTO // Charlotte, NC 2017


      It’s really difficult choosing where to begin with our review on the Massachusetts Bass Dragon’s top shelf set in Charlotte last month. The last time we saw the Holliston based producer, SQUNTO,was at an extremely live, unforgettable, underground rave in Greenville, South Carolina at Club Luna. After seeing SQUNTO’s chop routines that every Dubstep fan on Facebook has become so familiar with, we were excited to experience the madness in an actual live setting. We never felt the same. And now it was time to experience it in our hometown.
       If you’ve read some of our older DJ of the Day articles, then you know that we here at The Charlotte Sessions are huge fans of Riddim, and anything wompy, hard, and roof shattering. You can imagine how we felt when we found out SQUNTO was booked to play the Carolinas once again. So it was only right to make SQUNTO a DJ of the Day as well! Sadly for round 2, there was no MegaChop cam. Eric Roth (SQUNTO) was performing purely off the dome, which in many cases is what fans prefer. According to the man himself “Bringing the MegaChop on the road on flight routed tours is an absolute nightmare.” But nevertheless, his non MegaChop sets are just as intense. As long as the Bass Dragon was planning on bringing the fire TO OUR city, we were set.We knew that we were in for a special surprise on that memorable Saturday evening at L4 Lounge. We’d like to quickly shout out SPENT Entertainment for putting together this infallible event.
        Carolina producer and event organizer, eMonei was throwing down some incredibly aggressive death wobbles loud enough for the whole city to headbang. The soundsystem at L4 is HEAVY to say the least. While the space itself was a little tight for what we knew was going to be a packed out show, we managed to sneak our way up to the side of the DJ booth which gave us quite possibly the best spot of the night. We were even asked to stay there to make sure nothing fishy went down while SQUNTO was performing.
        In the blink of an eye, the man of the hour was rushed into the building by a shapely body guard. It could have been our friend Forrest, part of the SPENT promo crew, but we weren’t quite sure since it all happened so fast. “Move, move, move, move” shouted the mysterious body guard, gripping the short, fluffy headed animal of a producer who was beyond ready to show Charlotte what his alter ego, SQUNTO is all about.
        The man of the hour was finally behind the decks. The city screamed his name in excitement as he started playing the first song of the evening. He got the night started with a ghastly collab between MONXX and Walter Wilde called “The Wonky Song.” But wait, it gets better, SQUNTO is known for his double, triple, and quad drops. To go hand in hand with the “The Wonky Song,” Eric decided that Ecraze and Seriph‘s collab “Problematik” was the appropriate move. Needless to say, the drop sounded really clean. But nothing can compare to the part of the show where he double dropped Virtual Riot‘s hit “Dragons” with everyone’s favorite Spanish producer Eh!de on his nasty track “Whicked.” This entire procedure was absolutely incredible. Especially since we’re huge fans of that Virtual Riot track sampling Hanzo from the popular multiplayer video game, Overwatch. The night goes on.
       If you looked to your left, all you could see was your rave neighbors headbanging viciously. And if you looked to right – you pretty much saw the same thing. There was no safe zone in the tight quarters that is a Riddim show at L4, but everyone still managed to keep their composure and not punch anyone in the face. Which is always a plus. SQUNTO went on to double drop Zomboy’s contagious track “Invaders.” Our buddy and occasional writer Abraham asked Eric if he double dropped two versions of Invaders and this is what he had to say “Well the drop goes 16 bars – 8 bars break – 16 bars and I double dropped the first 16 bars then single dropped the next 16 so kinda?” Does that make any sense to you? Well he mixed it with an original unidentified track. Sadly we didn’t catch a video, but hopefully we’ll be hearing this new one soon enough. Onward and forward we go!
      Throughout the night SQUNTO played so many intense Riddim chunes from homies in the scene along with his own personal tracks. One of our favorite tracks of the night was when he dropped “HMD.” And little did we know that he was going to premier his remix of Figure and Dack Janiels single “The Ritual” which practically tore the roof down. You want to know what really got the crowd going? SQUNTO knew this track would break necks throughout the club; which is why he decided to cut the deck, run the chune back and make it that fire drop happen twice. You know what Gram Greene says “If it’s nice, play it twice!” Can you guess which track? YES. It was “Sayim“. We practically lost our minds when he dropped this heavy-hitter. But can you imagine what his Code Pandorum collab “Wall of Death” sounded like? That one got people slightly riled up. Moshpits certainly started taking place all around us as soon as that track came on. The show was getting intense.
       SQUNTO gets major Cool Guy DJ points for playing his homies tracks too. We got to hear “Yasuo” by our city’s hero Crowell. We’re not quite sure what he double dropped Yasuo with, but it sounded dirty, dirtier than your roommates’ dishes sitting in your sink right now. We’re almost certain we heard the don play his remix of MurDa’s track “Gunned Down.” We know some more Code Pandorum was played throughout the night. SQUNTO’s remix of CP’s track “Renaissance.” sounds amazing live. We even heard one of our favorite Dubstep tracks of all time. Leeds producer, the one and only 50 Carrot with his infamous Wiz Khalifa inspired track “Wiz Kid.” His set also featured a lot of unreleased fire. We’re truly excited for these tracks to hit the surface of the interwebs one of these days. If you ask SQUNTO to play live, he’ll deliver 10x beyond your expectations. The guy is mastermind.

       All good things come to an end. After an exhilarating night, our necks were done for. However, everyone managed to squeeze out enough energy to enjoy SQUNTO’s last song of the evening. It felt like we had just ran a 5K, or mistakenly participated in a 24hr dance marathon at your local college, but but goodness gracious, when “Prakata came on, the whole audience practically fell to their knees. The bass was that intense. Check out the video below to see the ending for yourself. We can’t begin to tell you how excited we are to experience another SQUNTO show in the near future. MegaChop or not, Eric Hunter Roth will always be relevant as long as people are making music.

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–   Zyven

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