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*Official TCS Review* IRATION x J BOOG x THE MOVEMENT (Live in Charlotte)


   I walked into the Iration, J Boog and The Movement concert with an open mind, expecting good vibes and good music. I left, however, with a sense of unity between all concert-goers and the sense that our dark world is going to be OK for the night. The positive experience of this concert came from more than just good music (which was expected); the kindness of every crowd member, the positivity of each leading man and the energy from all the acts as a whole made this concert one to remember. It was definitely an exciting Wednesday!

   The Movement was the first band to light up the Neighborhood Theatre on Wednesday June 14th. Their set was shorter than I expected but still filled with good tunes. I only knew a handful of their songs going into the night so I did not expect the funk they brought to town. Their studio recorded music does not do lead singer Josh Swain’s voice justice. I thoroughly enjoyed their performance of Dancehall and Golden, to say the least! I would definitely go see the Movement again, especially a concert where they get to jam out without a time crunch.

  J Boog was next on the lineup and the build up to his first song was unlike anything I’ve seen before. The Movement stayed on stage without their frontman for a couple minutes, playing what almost sounded like a metal song. No kidding, his guitarist got up there and shredded the guitar hard. I forgot where I was until the music smoothly transitioned into “Nun Wan Dat” and J Boog entered the stage. His set flew by; he went through incredible tracks such as “Every Little Thing,” “Sunshine Girl,” and “Let It Blaze.” Throughout his performance you could see the crowd pulsing together to the beat of the drums, which kept up the rock and roll sound from earlier.

  I also can’t forget to mention the spunk of the backup singers — if you even want to call them that! They lit up the front right of the stage with smiles and laughs and really engaged with the audience. They ended their set with “Lets Do it Again”, an absolute fan favorite. At the end of the song, J Boog exited off stage first but the band continued on without him, picking back up their rock riff from the beginning. Although I was sad to see J Boog off stage, I knew the final act was coming — Iration.
    They truly are some of California’s finest musicians. Without a doubt Iration blew my mind from start to finish. I’ve been a big fan of theirs for a while now, so I was really afraid I hyped myself up too much for their act. I was afraid they wouldn’t live up to the hype. Instead, they raised the bar. These gentlemen truly rocked the house. Within a few minutes they had gone through hits like “Hotting Up,” “Mr Operator,” “Automatic” and “Midnight.” Each song was played flawlessly, with no lulls or slow points. Before starting the second set, Iration finished off the first half of their performance with one of their biggest hits, “Let Me Inside.”

   Each audience member felt the music in their own way, but the crowd seriously came together to celebrate the music. I found myself turning around every so often and looking at all the smiling strangers in the crowd, wondering how I got so lucky to see such an awesome band. I would like to specifically note the awesome performance of newly added member, Drake Peterson. He rocked the trumpet and gave us listeners the authentic reggae experience we really wanted. Set #2 started off with a fan favorite known “Reelin.” Such a fun performance! They also went on to perform “Summer Nights,” “Stay Awake,” “Uptownand so much more! Naturally after finishing their set, the crowd started screaming for an encore! And before I knew it, Iration was back on stage. They played out two of my favorite songs “Wait and See  and “Time Bomb” which were too inspiring in a live setting.


     Overall, this concert was a total success and I was so thankful to share the opportunity of seeing these awesome bands with all the strangers around me. Everyone had a good time and I know when they come “Back Around, I’ll be seeing them again.” I wish Iration, J Boog, and the Movement the best of luck on the rest of their summer shows! Until next time!

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–   Juliana

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