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Oh Frik! Freaky Finally Releases New Tune “Anger” (Bonus Track)

   Charlotte’s worst nightmare is back at it again! The Charlotte Sessions has a spooky new single to show you all! Straight from the likes of the only twenty four year old that looks like a trapped out dad 24/7, Freaky’s newest creation Anger” is a heaping 4 minute 16 second of pure, unadulterated bass. Alex ‘Freaky’ Fricke has been in the Queen City for longer than anyone can imagine. And as any aspiring producer should do – he has managed to build a name for himself not only, in North Carolina, but all throughout the East Coast. This guy has shattered stages with big names like Herobust, Flosstradamus, and CharlesTheFirst. Soon, Freaky will be playing with Slushii in Charlotte on November 11th, this dude is kind of like a double secret weapon. Half producer, half fire dad like DJ who will shut down anyone who says Hardstyle and Trap aren’t cool, Freaky makes it enjoyable and his sets definitely show for it.

His new single “Anger,” draws inspiration from your favorite Dubstep producer from back in the day, and for the real OGs, possibly your favorite producer nowadays, Mr. Sonny Moore, the master of disaster, Skrillex. Relive those days when you first heard that groups of kids yell “Yes. Oh my Goddddd,” but now with a nasty buildup that uses an array of strange, addictive, and elevating sounds sprinkled with that North Carolina trap flavor. All of that make up the perfect combo that make up the banger that “Anger.” Smash that play button like yesterday, because this new tune is set to rattle speakers all over the world, very, very soon!

 As I walk through this glorious campus that is UNC Charlotte, Ive come across yet another Freaky release that is definitely worth sharing. As a matter of fact, it’s a super collab with DrewFilament and Tyeguys, appropriately titled “GTFB” cause when you see Freaky at the club dropping that hot fire, you look at your rave neighbor and yell “Get the F*ck Back!” because you know things are about to get rowdy. This genre bouncing single is exactly what you need to get your day going. Click the play button below, find Alex on Facebook and leave a comment on something saying #F*ckFreaky, and he might buy you a Chick Fila sandwich in return (no promises about the Chic Fila sandwich).

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