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“Oh, I Know BroMosapien” [New Music Alert]

As I ran into my Electric Forest brother Eric Twizlhagers from Maryland, I realized that I was in for a fun few frantic minutes during my 3rd visit to Basscenter. I absolutely love raging and partying with this Old Bay and acoustic guitar loving goon – whether it’s in Eastern Michigan or at the Mothership in Hampton, Virginia, I know I’m bound to have a great Dubstep packed experience with my homie. After we ran up the row A stairs of the infamous alien space ship looking arena, I had a chance to introduce Twizlhagers to a few of my friends from good ol’ trusty Charlotte – one of these beautiful homies of mine happened to be Andy the musical maestro, a prominent producer who also goes by the name of BroMosapien. Eric looks at me and says “Oh I know BroMosapien, that collab with Illanthropy is fire”. And that’s when my buddies from two different parts of this blossoming nation exchanged kind word and positive energy.

Andy is by far one of the most dedicated and hardest working producers to come out of the Carolinas – he, along with the Queen City and City of Oaks badmons Crowell, Jordan Castle and Snakko, have easily become some of my favorite producers to come out of the Tarheel state. They’re always constantly crafting hits that make us all really proud. BroMosapien has recently put out some incredible tunes with the likes of Asheville’s Illanthropy and San Francisco’s Ravenscoon that are definitely worth checking out.

BroMosapien x Illanthropy – “Terminal Velocity” // Album: Headfirst released on the WUMP Collective

BromoSapien x Ravenscoon – “First Contact” // a 40oz Collective

But I think what I like best about the ridiculously goofy, redheaded prodigy is the simple fact that he’s never afraid to be his true self. BroMosapien is caring, charismatic, CRAZY (awesome), and overall just a good friend. I’m certainly glad that he’s stepped up to the challenge that this enigmatic industry has posed for so many hungry and creative musicians out there. Where would the Carolinas be without BroMosapien?

PS. Here’s another fat tune and a crafty mix that BroMo dropped on the freshest musical outlet to hit the East Coast, TUFF Collective. “Check It” is an experimental journey through the minds of our secretive and mysterious captors, who sneakily lurk in the cosmos just waiting for their chance to strike.

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– Zyven

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