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The Charlotte Sessions Makes Their Ohio Debut! [DMVU, Tetra, Lord Swan3x] 8.25.17

     Ladies and gentlemen as some of you know, we hear at love to explore the many wonderful party spots that this nation has to offer. Our journies have taken us to spots like The Hangar in Miami, Rams Head in Baltimore, The Mid in Chicago, The Music Farm in Charleston, and even the grounds where Voodoo Festival was held in New Orleans. Recently we attended the 2nd Annual edition of Clustcr Festival held in the heart of Oak Hill, West Virginia.

     The Ace Adventure Resort was our home for the weekend. We braced up for a new adventure and took it on full swing ahead. Throughout the weekend we saw acts like Lord Swan3x, Dirt Monkey & Jantsen, Virtual Riot and this sick dude from Ohio named Tetra. Basically we met these awesome girls from Colombus named Harok and Brook and they kept telling us how cool Tetra was. “Tetra or Die Bitch,” that was the motto as we made our way across the festival grounds to catch his set at 3 in the morning. What we heard at those late night West Virginia rave hours was unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

His buddy Gaige, owner of newfound promo company Bass Space Productions had a lot of good things to say about him. And he even told us about a special show that he put together in his hometown that Tetra was playing at. So we says to Gaige, we say “Hey, let us in your show and we’ll make that 6 hour drive and come take some snazzy photos.” So there you have it folks! We will be making our Ohio debut in the beautiful city of Colombus, this Friday August 25th at the infamous La Boom venue located at 3990 Sullivant Ave, Colombus OH. Get ready for an awesome night as Colorado’s very own DMVU and Ohio veteran Lord Swan3x take the night away with some incredible headlining sets. Check out the flyer to see who all is making rounds this weekend at La Boom.

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