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Okay Hukae, You’ve Earned Our Attention [New Music Alert]

When I first started getting into Dubstep music nearly a decade ago, I had a pure fascination for producers from overseas because it intrigued me that the same weird type of music I discovered in my little bedroom in North Carolina was being made as far away as Europe. Discovering UK legends like Flux Pavilion and Cookie Monsta really influenced my listening experience of this fresh and unique genre, so why does it make me even happier to discover groundbreaking British artists who love to produce Riddim Dubstep in 2019? Because Riddim makes the world go around, and so do the sounds of synth master Hukae.

Kaimen Hughes is no ordinary man – for the longest time I was becoming convinced that he was actually just a computer simulation created by some distant government body to infect the ears and minds of the youth. But my theory was a little wrong. Hukae definitely possess multiple weapons of mass destruction in the form of mp3s and WAV files, however, it seems like we don’t have to worry about our safe being because he’s actually a pretty nice guy. One of his filthiest summer creations, which goes by the name of “ZONKED”, is a prime example of how Hukae leads with an eloquent introduction before unleashing a zappy and disruptive alien out of its cage to bring forth the catchy drop. I really appreciate his varied use of instruments and unexpected sounds to add that special blend that many of us are looking for in newer artists.

To my surprise, the Huddersfield producer has released a brand new EP with non other than Bewildered Productions. These folks are known for releasing tracks with heavier artists in the Riddim world such as CHMST, Chaimba, Martz, 5ohman, FLIX, among several others, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit that they would team up with Hukae to publish his newest project, the Relentless EP. If you are a fan of all things weird, wonky, and grimey, then you will definitely like how this four track banger of a project kicks off.

Relentless” will have you bouncing around like a kangaroo until you lose all feeling in your legs; “25” will open up another dimension in which every being on this planet becomes a violent yet consciously aware, quarter of a century year old cyborg in possession of a rowdy space lazer – mosh pits will definitely break out because of this heater. “Ghost” serves as a creepy reminder that even in the after-world, specters still get down Dubstep. Last, but certainly not least, “Dispatch” makes me want to gather all my friends up in their dopest party attire, run up in a club playing top 40s and jack their sound for a few moments so that we can continue the Huake infection.

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Go Hukae Go Hukae Go!
– Zyven

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