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OkregLucky and F Square Deliver The Funk on New Single

Times really are changing. One of my favorite aspects of life is when artists branch out and expirment with new sounds that differ from what the fans are used to. About two weeks ago, a fellow Charlotte Sessions Audio friend known as OkregLucky teamed up with one of his favorite collaborators, the Gliwice based duo known as F Square, to create a funkified experimental wop completely out of this universe. I really like the direction that these three sound altering przyjaciele (friends) took while creating one of my new favorite tracks of the summer.

Fingerstyle” features every aspect of Electronic music that I absolutely love. As soon as I hit that play button for the first time, I was greeted by the Funk, as a really smooth guitar riff combined with a sweet drum pattern that captivated my attention and brought a smile to my face. Without a single clue about what I was soon going to hear nexy, an array of weird alien laughs met an unidentifiable deep voice, pre-drop vocal all leading up to the inevitable drop. What comes next cannot be understood with mere human words, you’ll have to hear what OkregLucky and F Square masterminded for all of you. If you’ve ever jammed out to artists such as Big Gigantic and GRiZ, then I absolutely recommend you give “Fingerstyle” a listen pronto.

Now I wouldn’t be doing you all a complete justice if I didn’t share this really cool Hybrid Trap banger created by the F Square boys. It’s not your typical saucey, rapid tempo, high pitched synth festival worthy track. The Polish allstars have definitely made sure to add their intergalactic, futuristic flair to “Forever.” It’s wild to think that these underground creators have put together cinematic experience in the form of a song. I wouldn’t be surprised if Marvel reached out to use this tune for one of their films, or if Liquid Stranger dropped it in his next set. Great job gentlemen!

On the complete other end of the spectrum, I’ve got a really bouncy Riddim banger created by OkregLucky for a special Charlotte Sessions Audio project called The Riddim Boat. “Ultimate Lifeform” represents the strength possessed by a valiant warrior roaming through the lands of the Kingdom of Northumbria over a thousand years ago. Sadly, due to many battles, he’s lost his memory. Now add in some sadboi 2004 Linkin Park vibes and some really wonky synths and you’ve got yourself another OkregLucky hit.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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