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Old Ghost Records Hit 6000 Followers, And We’re Loving this New Free Album!

Would you all say it takes a lot of work to coordinate all the moves necessary to run a successful record label? Or no work at all? Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was Old Ghost Records! Every single milestone in this ever shifting music scene deserves a little recognition, whether you recently hit 1000 followers on your SoundCloud page, or 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, you managed a big win! I’m very proud to say that this underground friendly Bass music label recently hit 6000 followers, on the Cloud! How are they giving back to the community, you ask? With a brand new, massive compilation album featuring a variety of serious, hard working, heavy hitters who give the underground Bass music scene true justice. With over 25 massive tracks to choose from, Old Ghost Records obviously wanted to make sure that their fans had a lot of unique sounds to choose from.

I wouldn’t have discovered this new project so quickly if it wasn’t for my buddy Tophat out of Virginia Beach. This wizard of a producer tricks us from the start! As I walk into the foyer of this mysterious abandoned mansion on the hill, Tophat opens his track “Delusions” with a slow and mysterious intro, a creepy pirate ghost takes over my body and sends me into a full Riddim packed frenzy. Another unique Riddim chune that made me discover some weird dance moves involving my sore hamstrings is the VIP of “QWASER 22” produced by Amsterdam’s very own Ayonikz. If you want to communicate with all the aliens walking among us nowadays, then I suggest playing Hyper Reality by Ibuki, Chroma and Muddz, at the highest volume your device can manage, they’ll hear it from miles away! And don’t get me started on this new Poisonous tune…

If you want some Super Mario nostalgia, then I suggest smashing play on Voodoo VIP of Grindderz swampy hit “Super Bros“. I also definitely suggest checking out the GURUDUBZ VIP of FLICK’sKaiba Co” if you want to Riddim walk all over your neighborhood and start a conga line. There are so many productions on this track worth checking out! Other names that made it on this project include Feed The Stray, Cross Dubz, Gh0ul, KüP to name a few! If you haven’t already started peeping the Old Ghost Records 6000 Followers album, what are you doing! Make sure you grab any of these tracks for Free! They each have their own Free Download link so you can get weird on the go. Old Ghost Records, never stop hustling! Thank you for all the fire releases, we hope to hear many more!

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