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Oolacile Releases New Music On Disciple Recordings Off New “Embers” EP

Time For Destruction

  Do you ever listen to overly aggressive music when you’re upset? When you’ve absolutely had it, like the forces of the universe are against you? Well I may have found the perfect remedy for you. Recently one of the darkest, yet extremely talented producers in the Dubstep scene has been dropping some HUGE heaters that will take care of anyone’s frustration. Los Angeles based super producer, Oolacile, never fails to incorporate his technological and heavy style in practically anything he produces. This new track “Otog” is a special release from Oolacile’s upcoming Embers EP. Get ready because this nasty tune will take you to underworld for a three minute journey into your soul.

   But guess what? Oolacile didn’t stop at Otog. He’s dropped a few other new tracks on Disciple Records such as “Bandwagon” wonky Riddim with the dirtiest flow. You can tell that Oolacile is poking fun at all the producers hopping on the Riddim bandwagon nowadays. However, this track will be incredible to chop with, I can just imagine the combos that DJs are about to develop with this heater.

   Last but not least, we have a new track that showcases a lighter side of Oolacile. At least for the first forty seconds of the track. The space like intro quickly teleports you to the craziest, most dangerous outer space outpost that you can imagine. Load up your old copy of Dead Space, gear up with your dopest Space Suit, it’s time to elevate. Stream Space Suit below.

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  1. Sam Sam October 10, 2017

    Nice Piece!

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