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Oolacile’s New Zweihänder EP Is Everything You’ve Been Wishing For

   One time for the Riddim. Two times for the DJ. Three times for Los Angeles for giving a home to zany madmen producers like the master of disaster, Oolacile. I will never forget the day I drove thirteen straight hours from Electric Forest to play my 8:30 set at the Triple Threat show in Greensboro. That same night I gave Oolacile, INFEKT and MVRDA their own special wire wraps that I had made just for the occasion, and soon enough I was passed out at the venue missing all the Triple Threat back to back action. The night went on with a last minute after party at my mom and dad’s house where my buddy TFarris made Cooper (Oolacile) a vegan burger. Soon enough, one of my favorite West Coast producers was getting everyone to sing me Happy Birthday – throw in some cheeseburgers, AND Coronas and you’ve got the perfect Saturday night. Needless to say, Oolacile has a special place in my heart.

Can you all imagine how I felt when I discovered that out that Oolacile released a new EP on Disciple Records? Dangerous things took place in my living room on that fateful evening as I hit play on the opening tune of the Zweihänder EP. This project is the perfect compilation of the filthy nature that Oolacile has developed over the past several years of his forever flourishing career.

The Zweihänder is actually a massive two-handed sword that was first introduced by the Germans in the 16th century. The 7 foot long sword was a catastrophic weapon that was only possessed by the mightiest warriors of the middle ages. Fair warning: this EP will be greatly enjoyed by all of those who consider themselves fans of uniquely crafted Dubstep Music. My personal favorite tune off the Zweihänder EP is “Weapon System” – the unexpected clown horn steals souls, and I’m quite alright with it. This six track project features other seriously well crafted bangers such as “STOMP” and “Defense System” – don’t be surprised when these tunes cause serious mosh pits for years to come. Great job on this amazing project, Oolacile!
Also, here’s a bonus mix that Oolacile recently dropped on Global Garbage that will absolutely get your day started the right way.

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What is your weapon of choice? Riddim. 

– Zyven

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