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[Recent Dubstep Discovery] Paix – Overdose

     The Dub Rebellion ALWAYS hooks it up with the dirtiest and most secretive wubs in the scene. We were just listening to Ganja White Night when all of the sudden this track by a guy named Paix starts playing. The track begins with typical snares, but before you know this high frequency beeping sound comes into play. Take all of these sounds, mix them in properly, top them off with some scary dub screeches and womps, and a few violent lyrics like “Get the AK-47 tell that bitch to..” and you’ve got Overdose. Don’t let our description of the track define it for you, just listen and find out why we’re even taking the time to write about it (it’s sick, shhhh). The full version is out now via this channel called Endo. Check out Overdose by Paix, below.

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