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Patches O Wowie (Do You Know Patches O Malley?)

Patches O’Malley is a Michigan native originating from the city of Ann Arbor – his Productions feature that aggressive bass sound that hit like the icy winds of a frigid winter night. Patches O’Malley is paving his way through the electronic scene; recently he’s been working with artist ranging from NEWSENSEI and FiYah to Angelic Root and Super Future. O’Malley’s music has been featured on labels such as 40oz Collective, The Untz, MorFlo Records, Aspire Higher, and Wormhole Music Group. He has created his own path in which he meshes dark, deep bass with Hip-Hop/Rap samples and psychedelic beats.

Patches O’Malley’s music grips listeners and moves them from the road of the known to the less ventured unknown within a singular track such as in “Bumbarded.” A track that starts off slow and brings in a piano tone before dropping off into some dark synth beats, stopping at a quick slowdown before slapping you with aggressive bass. Each of his tracks is like taking a different trail while hiking. They fit into a similar style but each one holds its own unique style, sounds, and surprises as you go through the bends of bass on your audio driven journey. If you have never taken the chance to listen to this legend in the making, do yourself a favor a listen to his mix on 40oz Collective.

Here’s another special Patches O’Malley tune that you all will really enjoy! Thank you for reading, and thank you for listening!

P A T C H E S  O ‘ M A L L E Y

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