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Peekaboo’s Work of the Devil Might Scare You.. Or Wake You?

  It’s strange how the title of a tune can relate to an individual in more ways than just a feeling or a sensation. Every day we roam this planet, we run the chances of exposing ourselves to the evil ways of the demons floating throughout this universe. But as I walk throughout the streets of Milwaukee, I can’t help but think that I’m doing a pretty decent job at avoiding “The Work of the Devil“. Detroit’s very own up and coming Bass tycoon, the man with snazzy name, the jungle demon catcher, PEEKABOO, just put together a filthy Deep Dub journey through our minds. The wonky bass growls, slow and low, dark nature mixed in with a short warning about the Sukurah (I made up my own spelling) jungle demon, all add up to the spicy, saucy nature that is “The Work of the Devil“.

  This spooky single is part of a new four track EP that Peekaboo recently dropped on Liquid Stranger’s Waakan record label. It’s safe to say that his Maniac EP release will be playing on repeat for years to come. If this is your first time hearing about Peekaboo, I certainly urge you explore the rest of his catalog – the man is doing some weird things with music that you should certainly know about. Stay safe folks! and make sure you’re always on high alert for those signs of evil, especially when you’re at a music festival, you might just save someone’s life.

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We All Have a Maniac Hiding Deep Down

– Zyven

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