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Carolina Bass Maniacs BroMosapien & Snakko Release Huge Remix for Perma-Trip

 What started off as a slow, explanatory theory on music by some muddled out scientist quickly turned into a 70 BPM Riddim breaker. A while back the Perma-Trip boys from Atlanta, Georgia put out a nasty heavy hitting single on Old Ghost Records. But why am I sharing this old news with you? Because some notable Carolina based producers just put out a dangerous remix for “The Trip.” If you have yet to embark on the musical journey that this trip is designed to carry you through, I can’t urge you enough to hit that play button and give it a listen for yourself. It’s definitely raw enough to get your fists thrusting, but smooth enough to keep your legs moving in that stompy Riddim motion that most of us die for.

 Perma-Trip is quickly growing to be a true staple in the spicy scene that surrounds itself with Bass Music. Flash forward nearly a year later to the day where Raleigh’s very own Snakko united with Charlotte, underground bass killa, BroMosapien, to bring forth their disgusting rendition on this fan favorite single. Naturally, the boys added their complete own touch to their remix as they morphed in filthy growls that remind you of and old 2009 Cookie Monsta single. Just like most original tune, the second drop in the remix is dangerously grimier than the first. But that’s just my opinion, what do you think?

 But wait folks, that’s not quite all! I also want to share another piece of art that was put together by Perma-Trip. They have this raw collaboration created with Filthy Pyrex and Throwdown Music known as “Here We Go.” This tune pays homage to one of the greatest video game characters of all time, the plumber of all plumbers, mr. Mario. Perma-Trip has put together a psychedelic journey through the world of Mario that uses clips from every facet of the 4 foot 3′ superhero’s history. From morphing flat 2D versions of our Red plumber hero as he shifts his way through his magical world, to a multi colored version of Bowser from the original 90s film, this music video is sure to take you on a visual journey through your mind that will greatly make you appreciate any Dubstep artist who goes the extra mile and makes an actual video for their new song. Stream the visuals for “Here We Go” below!

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