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PERMA-TRIP Teams Up With Tactix & Dead Cell Audio for New Banger “Tragedy”

    When a friend asks for help, you help them, that’s the Letterkenny way. Now this rule applies in just about every facet of life, especially whenever this request deals with music. It’s impossible to keep up with every insane Dubstep release that makes it on the endlessly growing cloud that is the internet, so that’s why I greatly appreciate it when musicians take the time to personally send their music out to anyone with caring and listening ears.

  Recently, a friend and colleague in this bursting Bass Music scene named Caleb, one half of the Atlanta super duo PERMA-TRIPreached out about a new single that he and Dominic had created with Chicago based producer Tactix. He said I would really like it – he was beyond pumped that this heater got released on Dead Cell Audio, which is a very respectable source of quality Bass music in this Underground scene. So I told him that I’d give it a listen, as I always do – but if you could have seen my facial reaction when I heard the drop kick in, you would know exactly why I’m recommending “Tragedy” for you! While I normally don’t prescribe tragedy or sadness to my patients, a lot of crazy things went down this past 420 weekend and I feel like you guys are in need a little Dubstep healing. Hold on to your modelos, or drink em quick, because this one is surely bound to make your hands go crazy. Big ups to Perma-Trip and Tactix’ for blessing us with this banger!

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Watch Out! Perma-Trip and Tactix Are On the Loose!

– Zyven

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