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Personality, Steez, and Style: Charlotte HipHop Reunion Brings Culture to the City

    Earlier this Summer, I was invited by my friend Kori, also known as KM, to come check out his one of a kind, Hip-Hop curated event, designed to showcase Queen City Hip-Hop artists and rappers who are trying to make a name for themselves. On that fateful evening, we found the Crown Station venue to be our home – I could feel the positive energy in the air the second I walked through the door.

Bradley CLT

    I haven’t seen my brother Jay Bradley in a very long time – sometimes homies get disconnected. There was obviously a reason I was in the realms of Crown Station that evening – Obviously so I could check out the hustle that my buddy Kori was working on, but to also catch up with my old pal from my early college days. It was now time to see what kind of style Jay had been working on the past few years. You know what they say about those who practice right? Practice makes perfect! And in the case of BradleyCLT, where the CLT stands for Conscious, Love, Theory, I could certainly tell that this cat had been practicing sincerely and consistenly! Jay’s attitude displayed nothing but love and positivity for a scene that relies so much on support from friends, family and the people who love and appreciate the underground scene.

     His crowd interaction was beyond superb, and his rhyme delivery was even better. Members of the crowd were able to experience hot new jams off his 2018 release, Where’s Love, such as “The Cost” and “Out of Reach“, where BradleyCLT flowed viciously from start to finish. After a short, action packed, engaging performance, it was time for Bradley to pass off the microphone to next performer of the evening, the one and only PhazeGawd.

Phaze Gawd

    Boy oh boy, I did not expect to get a few chuckles in while experiencing the next performer, but when Charlotte Hip-Hop veteran, Phaze Gawd, hopped up on stage with his DJ and sometimes producer, AMWA (A Man With Antlers), I knew that the crowd and I were in for a special treat. Phaze Gawd is the type of guy who puts out all his energy into his sets – his personality makes it almost impossible not to pay attention. Even the people who were sitting fifty feet away at the bar made some magic dance moves happen. Fans were able to hear a few songs off the Dark Dreams EP, a collaborative project between AMWA and Phaze Gawd that definitely deserves your attention! I want to applaud Phaze Gawd and AMWA for blessing us with such an entertaining performance. I’m looking forward to the day that I can experience this Queen City rhymer once again!


     Lastly, I want to shed some light on the man who made this special night happen, my buddy Kori, aka KM. I remember a few years back when KM first hit me up, showing interest in my blog and what I was creating for the city – naturally, the law of “real recognize real” took into effect, and before you knew it, KM soon had his music featured on The Charlotte Sessions (Read the OG Article Here). But believe it or not, it took this long for me to finally catch one of Kori’s live performances, and I’m certainly glad it happened when it did! KM absolutely murked his performance – from start to finish the crowd, filled with supporters and friends alike, was feeling his emotional and powerful performance. His delivery and flow was extra clean! One could tell that KM has certainly been preparing for this special evening. The crowd had the opportunity to experience tunes like “Out of Control” and “Let’s Go“, two important pieces that showcase the style that KM had been developing since the start of his career.

     Charlotte was very fortunate to have such a fantastic night to showcase some of the best in our underground scene. If this type of event takes place again, we’ll make sure to share it all over the place, so that everyone can have the chance to experience Charlotte’s rising talents. Bradley CLT, Phaze Gawd, AMWA, and KM, please never stop hustling gentlemen!

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– Zyven

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