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Pigeon Hole Captures Minds and Souls On New Noise Parade EP

     Today was one of those weird days where I wasn’t really sure how exactly I should feel. I was happy to be hard at work at my new day job, but I was later thrown off by some weird news about something that was completely out of my hands. So what was the best way to put these strange twelve hours behind me? With some brand new experimental Bass Music from a Canadian duo known as Pigeon Hole of some course. When I first came across the tune “Wolves”, I wasn’t entirely sure if I was listening to G Jones, Eprom, or Zeke Beats – but you can certainly believe I was glad to find out it was a new artist (new to me) that I had never heard of! I love it when I discover artists who create the strange sounds that are sometimes floating through my head. I mean, the planet is going to be consumed with humanoids and AIs in fifty years, so we better get used to it.

      While the origins of their catchy duo name still remain a mystery, Pigeon Hole truly captured my attention as I listened through the other tracks in their “noise parade EP“, The immediate “chchch baw baw bawmp” sound that pierces through your speakers before the drop kicks in on the intro track really threw me off guard – but then the lazers and intricate space sounds brought me right back on track. I’m almost certain that I’ve heard the following tune, “Front Row“, get played out at a recent Bassnectar performance. Whether it was Camp Bisco, or Basscenter, this song absolutely slaps – and if I’m just fully mistaken, someone should email this to the man, because I know his fans would absolutely love it. “Front row station, spaced in the bassment, hit em with the underground shit from the bassment” echoes the high pitch Quasimoto type voice. For a slightly more funkified feel to the intergalactic forces that Pigeon Hole put out to the world, I definitely suggest listening to “Symbols” – it almost feels like you’re exploring through the amazons after eating some colorful mushroom that you found on the ground. The project is wrapped up with a mind boggling synth and bass filled paradise that will bring your new listening experience to an end. But luckily for you, Pigeon Hole has a few other projects under their belt that are certainly worth checking out, such as
the Invasion Remix EP that just came out a few weeks ago on Sleeveless Records! Enjoy my friends! Pigeon Hole are currently on tour with Minnesota, and will be coming to the Asheville Music Hall on November 24th!

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Where’s the Pigeon at? I heard it was supper time!

– Zyven

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