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Please Wait… Who is this Guy and Why is his Music so Amazing?

Share of hands, who thinks that people who listen to Riddim only listen to Riddim?

I used to be one of these people – at least when I first discovered the genre. But it’s because of strange and peculiar artists like Please Wait… that I’m able to comfortably put down the Riddim claw and bust out my Mars friendly dance moves. Just you wait and watch Martians, I’m coming for you. I was utterly surprised when I first heard the high pitched boops that reminded me of an odd night in Charlotte when Space Wizard took over the minds of countless aliens on the SERJ Dancefloor. It’s almost a commodity discovering peculiar and underground artists such as Please Wait… Seeing as how today is an extra special weird day, you all will certainly enjoy this new discovery to the fullest. I now proudly present you all with “Switch” by the Scottsdale, Arizona mastermind, Please Wait…

Ironically enough, I discovered a Deep Riddim tune created with non other than NAUT from California. This one absolutely slaps, and it was released on Pewtrid Promotions, so you know it’s about to be F U E G O!

Also, I would be doing you all an injustice if I didn’t share Please Wait… collab with St. Louis, Missouri all star, BOSS MODE. Buckle up kids, this sh*t is about to get CRAZY.

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– Zyven (The Riddim Professor)

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