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Poisonous Is The Riddim Remedy [Exclusive Interview]

 As mankind progresses further into the 21st century, a rare breed of musicians have mirrored this progress through their continuously shifting audible creations. Keeping this underground culture that we call Dubstep alive is very important – there’s a worldwide phenomena taking place as producers from far and near are creating their best wobbles. But let’s face it, there aren’t a billion people on this planet jamming out to the strange and wonky sounds that give headbangers and waistbenders like you and I purpose. So what underground heater could possibly have me feeling this type of innate inspiration that never seems to dwindle? On a sunny Wednesday afternoon, my walk to school became much more than a mere point A to B journey. I want to talk about how this special, wonky collaboration called “Skeletor“, created by none other than Argentina’s very own Poisonous and Stardie really made me catch on to the two producers. To put it simple, this tune slaps harder than a Pimp Named Slickback on a Sunday morning (Anyone like that Boondoocks reference?). Welcome to the Poisonous story. 

 Poisonous is an innovative, heavy hitting sound selector, mix master, and energy drink connoisseur the far southern lands of Argentina – he’s the leader of a crew called the Pepsi Gang and he lives for spreading love through his music. One can say that Poisnous’ good attitude, strong spirit, dedication and the willingness to work and create with others has really impacted how the outside world views the Argentinan world of Dubstep and Riddim. We had a chance to ask this spicy legend in the making a few questions about his career! So without further ado, I now present you all with the Poisonous Interview!

First of all brother, great job on your swanky collaboration, “Skeletor”! How did you and Stardie come together to work on this tune? Where did the idea come from?

Thanks so much man, and we met in my home, that night we have to go to a show that we gone to do a b2b, but had some problems. So we decided to use the night to do a tune 😀 We made synths, later flow, and when we think was over, come to me the idea to put a vocal, and seems an Skeletor pic so… this hahaha.

Creativity at its finest! What can you tell us about the Pepsi Gang? Who are some of the other members and how did you all get together?
PepsiGang it’s my second family bro, it’s all for me you know. I met first of them, CrossDubz, he is an a old Argentinian producer. Nalax and Brexi are a friend duo that I met at a party. Met Laem with social medias and later we do some collabs and b2b, now are in crew and those guys are so good guys, so sane guys and never have problems with them 😀
Can you tell me a little bit about the Argentina Dubstep scene?

Good question, I hink we must be more organized, like Buenos Aires had so many parties, but no all going well. I can’t explain good, but everybody want to do everything. But anyways, I like the Arg Dubstep move too, I met some big artist from here and they are so cool guys <3

I can agree! There’s an abundant amount of great talent in Argentina. If we were to go to a Riddim and Dubstep show in Córdoba, how would it be different than a show in Buenos Aires?
I’ve never been to a Cordoba Party, but seems some videos and don’t have many difference, public is sick they scream and dance a lot.
Fair! Who are some producers that give you the inspiration to keep working on music? What are some other forms of inspiration that help you write tunes
Well, from Argentina are AstralOne, Artix, Said and my friends. From outside Bloodthinnerz, Genso and Satsujin. Play some videogames ever help me and meet with my friends too.
Did you know that Pepsi was invented in North Carolina? (Bonus Riddim points if you can name the town without looking it up.)

Yes I know that of Pepsi, but no I don’t know the name of the town :(I lost my points :'(
New Bern! What other bands or musicians do you really enjoy listening to? 
A band from Mexico called “Molotov” that I like so much, Djent genre too, old Punk and Thrash Metal and I’m a big fan of Iron Maiden! 
Do you have any other hobbies or interests?What about the whole school and work thing?
I collect cans of energy drinks, I don’t know why but I like them! And Videogames, my parents buys me the PlayStation 1 when I was three years old – since that I’m a big fan of videogames. And I finish the school some time ago, my job is not the best but help me a lot to continue with my music, can buy my tools.
What can we expect from Poisonous for the Spring?
You can expect so much new music, differents styles than Riddim and better English hahaha!  Enjoy my new track Anor Londo!

Thank you brother Poisonous! May you have a successful and energetic April my friend!
Thank you so much for this Zyven, i enjoy and love answer those question, and was a big experience for me. Much love! 
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Quien es el pibe mas cabron del mundo wey? Wacho Poisonous mae! Pura Vida parcero!

– Zyven


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