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Ponicz May Melt Your Brain with New Lazer Packed Tune

Someone must have spiked my coffee, because I’ve only been on the road to Camp Bisco for two hours and thus is the fifth draft that I’ve started working on. But I couldn’t help myself from sharing this fire new Riddim banger chune woon with all of my Riddim Gang out there. It’s become very, VERY, apparent that Ponicz dropped an extremely nasty single not too long ago, and I’m not really sure how it slipped through earholes. But we found it now baby, and it’s time to share!

 If you didn’t know, Ponicz is an absolute wizard of a producer – he always has the gas, and he always brings the most fire performances, at least this is what I remember from Lost Lands! A little over a month ago, the West Midlands based Dubstep mongrel created a special piece of art that the swamp monsters would die for. Oh, and there’s more. It’s a Free Download. DJs, you’re going to want to grab this one before we get another SoundCloud scare! The sun never stops shining on Ponicz baby – Firepower, NSD, and Circus Records till we RIP brother! Please, please, please drop “Phaze 2 Phaze” at Lost Lands, porfavor?

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