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Recent Discovery – Post Malone [R&B]


     There’s one thing that we’ve love about the music industry — someone new is always ready to step up to the mic and show the world that they’re not some talentless fuck.

We all have haters, people who don’t believe we’ll succeed with our dreams , but it’s up to people like Dallas singer/rapper Post Malone to shut the haters up. Since the early 2015 release of his smash hit White Iverson, (now at nearly 25 million views) Post has been defying all doubts that any lowlife hater has had to offer. 


    Post has a style like non-other; many might disagree but I feel that his lyrics are basically a bunch of common slang terms mashed together in whatever way sounds the smoothest. Recently he did a feature on Zuse’s song, titled “On God” which basically describes what I was trying to describe above. The content might be lazy, but one thing you can’t say about Post Malone’s music is that it’s anything but creative; the beats are always on point, the flow is more than present, and he has rhythm. Out of the 6 tracks he has under his belt, my favorite has to be Holyfield.

Is it hating if I say his image is a little funky? I don’t think so; anyone’s uniqueness is something to be admired, especially in the music industry. This guy is definitely one to watch out for in the year 2016.

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