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Presenting Visions’ One Year Anniversary Show w/ Yheti, Toadface, and Sayer! [Preview]

      Visions, the newly established experimental bass collective is celebrating their one year anniversary by bringing brand new sounds to Toronto on November 10th.

In collaboration with Toronto Bass Community, Visions is bringing some Ohio flavor to the 6 by booking Yheti’s Far From The Tree Tour.” The unique and mind boggling sounds of Waakan’s very own Yheti, will definitely give bassheads their fix this Friday. With a killer supporting lineup, featuring the swampy sounds of Toadface, and the bass heavy mad man, Sayer, for all three headliners first ever Toronto appearances.

Visions is different from most booking companies in Toronto, with a focus on bringing new sounds and experiences to those who attend their shows.

“We want people to come to our shows and be immersed in new sounds and new experiences rather than something that’s cookie cutter,” said Aaron Medeiros, co-owner of Visions.

  The two other co-owners Barz and Shawn Campbell formed Visions with Aaron in November of 2016. Shawn hails from Prince Edward Island and arrived in Toronto four years ago. He is a seasoned vet when it comes to the experimental bass genre – naturally he is thrilled to be bring these immersive experiences to our city. Barz and Aaron developed their passion for the stranger and more experimental side of bass music after attending festivals like Electric Forest and Valhalla Sound Circus. When Aaron and Barz returned home from these festivals, they were seemingly disappointed to see a lack of experimental bass bookings in their city. That’s when the three co-owners decided to start Visions and bring the new genre of bass music to Toronto.

“For us Visions guys to be the ones to bring that sound here is a huge accomplishment in our eyes,” said Aaron.

 Since Visions first began almost a year ago, they have hosted a few local shows known as “LowRISE.” Earlier in the summer, Visions brought international headliner Zeke Beats to the city for his first ever Toronto appearance. According to Aaron, not a lot of people listened to Zeke Beats going into the show but became instant fans after witnessing his killer set.

“A whole ton of people came out to Zeke Beats not knowing who he was and after the show they were like, that was insane, one of the most eclectic, live, energetic performances I’ve seen in the last year,” Aaron said.

He added, having that reaction is super rewarding and one of the main reasons why he, Barz, and Shawn created Visions.      A year later, and the three couldn’t be more excited to bring Wakaan label mate Yheti, along with Toadface, and Sayer to Toronto. All of the headliners are producers of experimental sounds and have libraries filled with some of the strangest bass music known to man. Aaron says Yheti’s music is pretty sample heavy and unique in the way it mixes sounds together.

“Yheti has a lot of sounds you wouldn’t really expect to hear mixed together. It’s surrealist multigenre psychedelic bass stuff. It’s strange, but it’s awesome,” he said.

Get familiar – check out Yheti’s latest bass heavy, alien-like tracks from his Far From The Tree EP below

     A lot of people don’t really know that Toadface is Yheti’s younger brother. He has a very similar style but with swampier synths and a lighter approach.

Aaron says, “Toadface for me is like Yheti’s protégé, his style is very much influenced by Yheti, but its a little cleaner and a little more upbeat then Yheti. Sometimes Yheti gets a little darker and it feels like you’re going through a wormhole.”

For the past five years, Toadface has been producing killer trippy bass tracks. I definitely recommend checking out some of his tunes below.

      Sayer has a heavier approach to experimental bass genre, through what sounds like distorted white noise.

“Sayer is really aggressive and gritty, super analogue bass heavy, he is a pretty good foil to the other two,” Barz said.

Sayer released a seven-track EP last week called Human Failure. The EP is filled with trippy bass synths and disgusting, over-the-top, thrilling sounds. Sayer is not an act to miss!

     The Visions crew is excited to showcase the headliners, but Barz is equally hyped to show off some of the local talent, such as Gattaca. The local has been working tirelessly over the past two months to produce enough tracks to put together an “all originals” set for the Yheti show. Captivate, the other local playing the show, is another incredibly talented DJ. With UK influences, like jungle drum and bass, Captivate plans to fuse distinct genres and take his listeners on a journey through the trippier side of bass music.

     By bringing Yheti’s Far From The Tree Tour to Toronto, Visions is hoping to introduce some open minded bass heads to the experimental side of bass music.

“This is quite literally a one of a kind show, for the year. There hasn’t been anything like this and there won’t be anything like this until who knows when. Yheti, Sayer, and Toadface are really unique producers – who knows when they’re going to be back? So this is a chance to see something truly special,” Barz said.

The show is taking place at Round Venue, located on 152 Augusta Avenue on November the 10th. Tickets can be purchased online from Electrostub if you click HERE. You can also RSVP Here, and let all your friends know about the shindig! “Come out and try something new, don’t get lost in the same old, same old.” See you all there!

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