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Protohype Brings Out The Heavy Artillery on New “Nimbus EP”

     A certain feeling keeps pounding in the bottom of my stomach today. It’s that feeling that you get when you keep putting off something important; whether it’s sharing news, or finishing a boring task, or even tackling a project that may seem too difficult to take on. In this case I’ve been slacking on the “hear love, share love” department. Folks this is probably the seventh time I’ve listened to the infamous new tune by Protohype titled “Knuckles” which actually released on his most recent Nimbus EP. I first discovered this heater on Day 2 of Okeechobee Music Festival, as a slaved away at a food truck for a few hours (the hustle never stops). Graciously enough, one of the other guys working at the truck named Gaige had a much wider appreciation for Dubstep than my Riddim obsessed self. The mysterious introduction of the heavy hitter leads into a voice shouting “Chevy Bubba, every color, tops fold back like Knuckles” before unleashing itself into a ferociously zealous drop that challenges every facet of reality. Believe me when I say that I felt like a superhero after hearing SQUNTO mix in “Knuckles” during his Sunday performance at Okeechobee.

     The Nimbus EP starts of with a heavy hitting Riddim teaser known as “Threats,” which steers this project in the perfection direction filled with destruction, mayhem, and lots of headbanging. After “Knuckles” kicks and punches you in the face Like Ahh. Protohype introduces his listeners to a Drum & Bass heater called “Bring It Back” that will certainly have Bass junkies shaking at their ankles. The EP finishes up with a groovy remix of Threats put forth by non other than the Wakaan OG, Shlump, who gives the heavy tune the strange and peculiar justice that it deserves. I can definitely vouch for Protohype on this one folks. Be the messenger that Firepower Records wants you to be, share this massive EP with everyone who know appreciates serious Bass. Be sure to Give Protohype a Like on Facebook to show that social media love!

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