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Psymbionic And Friends Bring the Bass to Denver [Concert Review]

   “Siri play Psymbionic”. This is precisely how a recent Friday night started in the one and only Arvada, Colorado. My ears tuned in closely as the music started playing, before I knew it I was swiftly dancing around the room rummaging through my clothes that piled on the bottom half of my bunk bed. After deciding on a deep maroon pashmina and pants that screamed with wicked patterns, I began vibin’ in the mirror as I smacked on some glitter! Before I knew it the minivan was coming up over the hill overlooking the magical bliss of the city lights. Per usual the heat was blasting with the windows down, left hand riding the waves of wind and vibrations flowing through the speakers. Let’s break down what happened at the recent Psymbionic show at The Black Box in Denver.

        As I scoured to find free parking, I whipped into a spot and sprinted to the door of The Black Box. I normally get slight anxiety attending concerts alone but all fears were distant and my excitement continued to grow! Swinging open the door Xenolinguist enticed my eyes with acidic backdrop of swirls of colors morphing into something new each second. The night started off with a few people hangin’ around and a couple spinning poi and hooping. I kept wishing I had my optic fiber whip to flow too but I made mental note for next time. Meg sat beautifully behind the soundboard as she sensationally crafted art that filled every corner of the room. The tempo started chill but soon after built up to a bouncy beat! The crowd started to creep into the front as the alien bass blasted with full force and the groovy, supernatural rumbled through the humongous speakers that lined front row.

      Within moments Justin from Maryland and Sadi from Boulder surrounded me with smiles as we ran around to pump up the crowd. We were belting out laughter as we headbanged and busted out the shopping cart,  letting all cares in the world soar out the building! I love how Denver produces the wackiest, funkiest humans and The Black Box brings in the freshest artists. Way too legit to move back to Wisconsin if you ask me… Then Xenolinguist waved goodbye as Notorious Conduct entered in greeting the audience!

     Notorious Conduct first started off with a tracks he had just finished twenty minutes prior to the show. How rad! I love seeing an artists passion for their music and their enthusiasm to always be growing and never throwing down the same tracks. You could tell he was glowing playing his fresh ideas and taking notes how the audience was responding. While the set started out a little slower than hoped the vibes quickly picked up, and soon my new friends and I were sold on those wubs. I especially enjoyed his hit tune “You Lookin’ Fly.

    The soundsystem quality at The Black Box brings some of the best sound compared to The Miramar Theatre back home. The fans were so compelled not only in their eardrums but in the google earth visuals behind him. Each song went along to the visuals switching between the sky, planet, galaxies and even a hint of the illuminati! At this point I was screaming over the music to a dude named Mikey who was visiting for a few days just to hit the slopes. I loved how this lineup brought him and his wild friend to drive down two hours from the mountains. They enjoyed the rambunctious energy everyone was producing! Soon as Notorious Conduct wrapped up his set, a HipHop friend hopped on stage and all hands were in the air bumpin’ to what he ferocious bars.

Upon Notorious Conduct’s disappearance, Wolf-e-Wolf rose up behind the soundboard to spice up the night. I was stoked to see what kind of style he would bring to the table! Wolves are my favorite animal so the name to match my tattoo already had my vote from the start. He began to pump up the volume with the song “UNO.” His catchy and memorable logo portrayed on his laptop began dancing and morphing into different effects and colors on the projector as wicked drops began to boom through the Black Box. The crowd went absolutely frantic when he remixed “Sofa Surfin by Boulder’s very own Dirt Monkey and the wonk master, Space Jesus! This is my all time favorite song right now, so the second I heard it live I freaking sent it to the sky,  if you know what I mean. But that wasn’t the last tune he played – soon enough Wolf-e-Wolf whipped out the SQUNTO remix of “Demons” by Kai Wachi. I wish Wolf-e-Wolf had been more interactive with his fans but in a flash, Psymbionic waltzed next to his side to get him more hyped. A few collabs in the glory went to John as his freaky style bellowed from out of his dreads!

     This wizard of a producer brought new heights with his musical selection by bringing the freak to freaky! It almost had reminded me of something that I had experienced during Electric Forest last summer. It was called an auditory trip – the sound of gongs put me in a trance. I would say Psymbionic damn near produced the same thing! We were all taken to another dimension as beats would escalate only to drop so radically into something new and beautiful within split seconds. The best way I could describe it would be pressure release! We were all leaping and choreographing until the very last song. He 100% brought out the fricky, fracky, wackity headbanging! Let’s just pretend that’s a real phase. I definitely felt like Psymbionic was warping us to another secret dimension in where nothing exists except for psychedelic visuals and space bass jams to keep us groovin. To close this crazy night, John jumped down to greet his fans with such joy and love. I’ve come to appreciate the artists that make music not only for themselves but for the individuals that come to support and cheer them on. It was very evident how honored he was to spend the night with the Denver rave squad.

     Yet another night that topped the last show I saw a few weeks ago with Bommer and Crowell! I can say with full meaning that my soul was satisfied with almost every aspect of the show. If you like live music, alcohol, the best of the best, check out The Black Box’s website for upcoming dates and a guaranteed good time! But be sure to pay for parking unlike me and almost get towed! Bless the kindness in people’s hearts to write me a cute love note saying to not park in their spot! Make sure to find the curly haired girl front row head banging and getting down and be sure to join.

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