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Denver Electronic Showdown: Psymbionic & Notorious Conduct The Black Box

           After such a beautiful week and a little surprise snowfall, we start the weekend off by celebrating  the right way, with Live Music! Join me  at The Black Box tomorrow night in the beautiful city of Denver as we usher in a new night packed with bass and the filthiest entourage of producers around! The February 16th lineup presents Wolf-E-Wolf, Xenolinguist, Notorious Conduct and last but certainly not least, Austin’s very own Psymbionic! This will be a psychedelic experience like no other! Engulf your night in dance/electronic music with a sweet twist of alien bass.

      Known to most as “Wolf-E-Wolf,” Nick Wolfe grew up in Austin Texas. His style of music is described as
Heavyweight sound highlighted with elements of retro-gaming, arpeggiated riffs and dark jungle vibes. He also just dropped a new album in 2017 that I can’t wait to experience live titled “Battlemode.”

      Next up will be the likes of Meg Hennessy or “Xenolinguist”! She is your very own local from Denver. She’s bringing to the show a variety of psychstep and out of this world bass music. This new year alone has seen a lot of releases from her on SoundCloud that will take your mind to a new planet. Watch out folks, Xenolinguist is coming for you.

      Second to last will be another local residing in Denver currently with the name of Josh Berry or Notorious Conduct! He is originally from Madison MS and this past festival season performed at Euphoria! He strives to take your mind, body and soul on a bass journey that’s life-changing. I’m stoked for his newest album called “Love Triangle” and most recent single “I’m Gangsta!

      Lastly to top off the night is the dread whippin’ “Psymbionic”. John Psymbionic is bringing unfathomable multi-range bass music and bringing it dirty. His build and release style will continually surprise your mind in bliss. Freshly mixed is an hour long mixtape called “Almost Human”

This was released four months ago and I haven’t been able to stop listening to it since! This is a freaking stellar lineup and I can’t wait to travel through these artists hearts and passion through each soundwave.


      Check out this playlist linked below to get of taste of what’s to come Engulf your night in dance/electronic bass with a sweet twist of alien bass and SO much more. Be sure to grab your tickets ASAP at for 15$ or 20$ at the doorcatch all my new Denver ravers there!

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