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QuaranTunes for the Quarantine

Finding new music and getting excited about it during a global pandemic is one of the many daunting tasks of this crisis. Luckily, The Charlotte Sessions has put together not only a solid release album known as The Seven Riddim Robots, but we also decided to curate selections for our fellow followers. To start it off, Baldman has some ill selects for you.

Bou$hy – “Suicide Doors

I can’t get enough of the Riddim. 

Droning synths, meet syncopated foley. Introducing these sounds with pitched vocals warped around a steady fast build up engages the listener. A short vocal sample wastes no time getting you right into a well calculated drop. With the vocals staying smooth, the bass showcases a harmonic element in the high end range of the mid section, something not common in the subwoofer dominated genre. This balances the full equalization spectrum with a steady crunchy mix. The snappy transients give a magic about the song just like stepping out of suicide doors from the baby blue Bentley with some Balmain loafers. One of my favorite elements of Bou$hy’s single is the solidness of the mix without the use of crazy sustained effects such as reverb or delay. The compression and tonality is enough to make the track bounce without any reverb or delay. Excellent song!

Loretta Lit – “Prophecy

A one of a kind tune. The gratitude for spirituality and family love turning mental health struggles and social pressures into a positive energy. That energy running with a modern trap sound. That’s what you hear in “Prophecy” and Loretta preaches what she has been practicing. This song is her first release – it was just released last week! Solid production, excellent vocal production. Great track.

Wolvero x Valy Mo – “Underground

A massive dance track filled with lasers, fills, and surreal bass, looped vocals.

A well produced dance song that isn’t over produced or too fast is hard to find. We looked at “Underground” and there it was. A danceable tempo, well balanced volume levels, unique sequencing, and a modulated bass pattern pulls this hit together. The subtle drum breaks and percussive loops give “Underground” a unique mysterious energy. Excellent work by the San Francisco native, Wolvero, and the France based production machine, Valy Mo!

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