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Quien es Curly? Who are you Curly!

I was roaming through my kitchen trying to decide what kind of late night snack I was going to devour in the matter of seconds when all of the sudden, my pocket started blaring out some of my favorite sounds meshed in with a very familiar Nas sample. I’ve only ever heard Boogie T. sample the “Life’s a Bitch” hook, so when I heard the drop finally kick in, I immediately took my phone out of my pocket to see who I had just discovered. It seems that I have pulled up to the curb of justice and found an up and coming producer and DJ from the East Coast of Australia. The gates of Riddim Heaven have finally opened now that Curly is in my life. I can certainly say that discovering this producer has been a highlight of my Christmas holiday. Life might be a bitch but at least we have Riddim. I hope you all enjoy!

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– Zyven

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