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Randy & Mr. Lahey [Live in Charlotte]

Drunk, Stoned & Canadian, The Perfect Recipe For Comedy

     Last month Canadian TV stars Patrick Roach & John Dunsworth, aka Randy & Mr. Lahey, aka the most obnoxiou  and quite possibly hilarious guys off Netflix’s popular comedy Trailer Park Boys, joined a nice crowd of 200 people at a Plaza Midwood venue known as The Rabbit Hole. Considering this was what felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity, we realized we HAD to get some footage of this glorious event. 

      I mean come on, what better way to spend a Monday evening than dropping by the Queen City to see some of the funniest people on television? After showing up a few minutes late to the start of their show, I shuffled my way through the crowd to find my good spot for the night and ended up almost directly in front of the two Nova Scotians. What I love about this venue is that the stage is so close to the audience that it provides such an intimate setting where the people in front of me probably smelled every form of liquor off Mr. Lahey’s breath. The two were just getting through promoting some sort of product used for cleaning piss off yourself, which was “Only available through”

Smoke in a Bag Boys!

     Does the picture above say it all? Right off the bat Sunnyvale’s Trailer Park Supervisor and his assistant were getting high on stage as they demonstrated their new product, basically a suit, designed to smoke ganja anywhere at any time. Someone from the crowd stepped up and handed Mr. Lahey a medical cigarette which he used to demonstrate his product. I have never seen anyone’s eyes so low in my entire life.

     Completely wasted, the duo began their Buttman and Buttboy skit which slightly resembled some of our favorite super heroes. Singing funny songs and cracking blind siding jokes is definitely their forte. They went on to bring this hot chick on stage to pull a couple of pranks and promote some more products like the “MuhFunnel” which lets ladies pee like men, classy. Check out the full video here.

     Naturally the duo went on to perform something completely unexpected. While Randy dropped a dirty beat, the crowd cheered back and forth, “Randy, Lahey, Randy, Lahey,” his partner, Mr. Lahey started off his fire bars in what they called their raunchy, unadulterated Shit Rap. Mr. Lahey called out his least favorite park member, “Ricky the shit stain the shit spar” among other favorable characters like when Randy said “Cruising around in a yorker, J Roc calls me a porker.” Check out the whole rap below.

     After getting sprayed by Buttman’s water gun, hearing countless shit and piss jokes, and reminiscing on all my favorite scenes from the Trailer Park Boys, something miraculous happened. Randy and Lahey started chanting Bubbles’ infamous Liquor & Whores song which drew a lot of crowd participation. A wannabee Bubbles even joined them as they whailed the hilarious lyrics. I give the guy props for staying in character the whole time.

    Things got a little weird when the guys invited a fan named Drew on stage to take a shot of liquor with Mr. Lahey. Drew was shirtless and laid out on a table, and instead of pouring the liquor into the nervous fans mouth, Lahey poured it in his belly button and drank it himself. Afterwards, the overly turnt supervisors opened up the floor for a Q & A and let the excited and good people of Charlotte ask a few questions. Watch the full video here.

    It’s safe to say I had an unsual, unforgettable, and extremely entertaining evening. If ANY member of the Trailer Park Boys comes to a city near you, I suggest you go see it. Overall? Not bad for a Monday night. 

Randy Randy Lahey Geezer
Randy x Old Funky Geezer x Mr. Lahey

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–   Zyven

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