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Los Angeles’ RAWTEE Releases New Music on Savage Society *Bonus Drum N Bass Tune*

Whatever happens to your speakers/soundsystem upon pressing the play button for this new heater is completely beyond my control. Recently the California based record label, Savage Society Records, put out a new single by the likes of RAWTEE. As a matter of fact, he was one of the producers that Subtronics recommended I check out, and I can definitely see why. This new track is a VIP of his tune “Dynasty’ which was originally dropped on Savage Society at the beginning of the year. It starts off with a dynamic force of synths and keys that get warped into another dimension as soon as you hear that familiar, grungy voice yells out “Savages.”

 This track is part of a small compilation called the RAWTEE – The VIP EP. Say that four times without twisting your tinge into 140 little, tiny, mutilated pieces. Other VIPs on this album include “Killing Machine” and “Flossing Fleas.” Each tune seems to be raw than the last; but my undeniable favorite from the EP is “Flossing Fleas VIP.” Do you know what it means to Floss Fleas? Cause I sure don’t.

     Be sure to check out The VIP EP and explore some of RAWTEE’s other productions. This man knows exactly where the future of Dubstep lies, and it’s up to people like you and me to spread the word and love of the underground. Thrive on and Riddim along. Until next time folks. *Breaker Breaker*

 This just in… RAWTEE released a new heater today and I feel like it would be a sin to not share it with the likes of all you wonderful Bass junkies. Even though it’s just a clip, this minute long teaser shows the fire abilities of the LA based producer to make some filthy Drum N’ Bass for your soul. Check out “Drop the Beat” below, leave us a comment! Tell us what you think. Until next time folks!

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