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Retrakx Gives Fans the Best of Both Worlds on New Tunes “Fortnite” and “For the Night”

   One of my favorite aspects about the Electronic Music scene is discovering up and coming artists who have true knack for producing quality tunes that posses the power to make just about anyone dance. The Lynchburg, Virginia based native, Retrakx, is no exception. This young producer displays a wide variety of sounds that can appeal to more than the average Electronic Bass Music fanatic; today I want to share with you all two incredible new tracks that Retrakx has proudly blessed the internet with!

For the Night

    I can’t believe that the day has come that my Liberty University buddy, Ricky, has finally laid down some vocals for an action packed, thrilling, outer space Bass Music adventure. It seems like it was only yesterday that Ricky, Tristan and I were making our way down to Okeechobee Music Festival to fool around with the homies while catching some incredible performances. Since then he has developed a moniker known as Sunjin, which will truly allow Ricky to express his favorite form of art – singing and playing the guitar. Retrakx made an incredible decision by linking up with the powerful singer and songwriter to put together “For the Night” which carries those 2011 Skrillex vibes that we all know and love (even the haters should appreciate this type of sound). The drops are filthy, the growls are intense, and Sunjin’s hook is top notch. Smash that play below if you want to enjoy some true to the heart Melodic Dubstep.


  There is no doubt in the world that the massively popular MMO known as Fortnite, has taken over the souls of millions of humans across the globe. Like any popular phenomena that has hit our society, Fortnite has also received its own fan made tune. The glitchy, high tech, rapid velocity Dubstep heater features a wide variety of Fortnite’s popular sounds blended in with an array of gnarly growls and lazers that will have you raging harder than you did on graduation night. Retrakx made sure that “Fortnite” would suit the needs of all the heaviest Dubstep fanatics in the scene – it’s the type of tune that you would expect Eptic, Virtual Riot or 12th Planet to throw in to their sets, and you very well can do the same! Make sure you smash that Free Download button on your computer if you enjoyed what you heard; and never forget this very important fact… Headbangers live longer! Happy Monday! (Give Retrakx a Like on Facebook if you appreciate nasty Dubstep go-get-ers!)


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