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[REVIEW] Blunt Force (Live in Charlotte, NC)

  The Charlotte Sessions Gets Funkay  

      A few weeks ago we stopped by the Dirty Hippie and witnessed witnessed something new and unusual. Let’s start from the beginning, first we bounced around to sick set by DOMii, an insane Charlotte DJ who had just opened for Flux Pavilion the night before. Then we had a few laughs with some homies (Ra & Tronix) who played our debut event with Getter back in January. All the sudden two dudes hopped on stage to prep their instruments. The first of the two got behind the drums while the other one turned on his laptop and checked all the cables on his keyboard. One minute I was sending a snap of the venue to a friend, but before I even started typing my message, the duo known as Blunt Force turned the quiet atmosphere into a full on Jam Sesh. 



     Generally, you’ll find us at a heavy bass music show or some ignorant trap concert, shoot, maybe even some electro-house if we’re drunk enough, but that night we were getting down with the funky tracks that this Austin, Texas band kept throwing at us. I guess what we enjoyed the most was how Dennis, the drummer, stayed consistent with every track that Brian, the keyboard player / DJ, chose. It was a real live performance. (To see more photos from the show, click here).

     Their set was soulful, their transitions were smooths, and at times we found ourselves listening to some of that dope Atlanta hiphop. You can tell these guys draw their musical inspiration from just about every genre out there. The crowd may not have been the largest, but the mood to dance and groove was definitely in the air, and everyone who experienced that special set was having a great time. Here’s some more live footage of Blunt Force doin’ their thang in the Queen City.

     We stuck around to meet the band and ended up talking about different things like their involvement with Philos Records, which also houses their good friend, and a previous DJ of the Day from The Charlotte Sessions named Daily Bread; Dennis’ love for robo-dubstep and their upcoming live performance at the infamous Euphoria Music Festival, which will also see the likes of dope headliners like Bassnectar, Griz, Juicy J, Crizzly, G Jones & More.


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–   Zyven

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  1. Bill Bill April 12, 2016

    Charlotte DJ is the best!

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